smap vest mp3 rar
smap vest mp3 rar

日本を代表するアイドルグループ5人組、SMAPの集大成といえるベストアルバム。その内容もファンキーなナンバーから、バラードまでを網羅したかなりなボリュームの2枚組。全32曲。そしてすべてメガヒットのオンパレード! 聴けばそのメロディーを何となく口ずさめてしまうというすごさはファンならずともとりこにしてしまうこと間違いなしの作品である。なかでも、山崎まさよしの名を世に知らしめたDisk1<8>や海外有名ミュージシャンを起用したDisk2<2>など、アイドルグループという概念を越えた質の高さを感じられる。 (二宮史朗)
91年のデビュー曲「Can't Stop!!-Loving」から、ヒット曲「夜空のムコウ」や「らいおんハート」などシングル32曲が収録されたベスト盤。アーティストとして押しも押されぬ存在となったSMAPの成長の軌跡を辿る。Milan International Stadium before the game against Lille, the Nerazzurri in Meazza has encountered the champions a three-game losing streak, the season opening loss to Turkey new army of Trabzon sports, on the season two tournament, the Nerazzurri are lose at home to Schalke 04 and Bayern Munich, so Ranieri was winning one can imagine the pressure.
However, Ranieri did not like the media predicted row of soldiers, he chose to start with Samuel partner Lucio, Zanetti moved back to right guard, he returned to the left. In the midfield, no Zanetti and welcome back after Mota, Ranieri chose veteran Stankovic, and previously favored oersted of ratio on the bench. The forward line, making the rest of a Milito.
Lille coach Garcia said after the game:" international Milan completely in another class, their experience is too rich." In the Champions League victory must use the morale situation, Ranieri chose veteran, selection trust experience. This game, the international Milan's starting line-up, in addition to Sneijder, Mota and Sara less than 30 years of age, the other players were over 30 years old. Among them, Zanetti is 38 years old, 36 years old, Samuel castellacci, Lucio and Stankovic are 33 years old, Milito is 32 years old, the ridge Biya rope and Cristian Chivu was 31 years old, 11 people with an average age of 31 years and 317 days, nearly 32 years old, but this also made history in the champions lineup most old records.