September 29, 2007

New T-shirts & "Every Single Child" PV ver.25

411745f5.jpgI just finished designing new T-shirts, which I used part of the sleeve design of Sakura Swirl.
I've already ordered the printing factory, and they say that'll be ready on the 11th of October.
I've started taking orders from our Merchandise page, or for Japanese customers,
T-shirt details.
I started taking orders this early because it's a lot of work to ship things to many people at one time, but if I have days, I'll be able to prepare using my free time.
So just take a look.


I've uploaded "Every Single Child" PV version 2, there are several new cuts and scenes.
Due to Ahito's management problem, he said that it was safer not to use his images.
So I just used his drawing on the previous edition.
Anyway, now he's free and I am very happy that he and his band can move freely to spread their music, without any balls and chains any more.
It's been sad for me as well to see talented musicians like them are bound by profitless contracts, or being intimidated by that.

"Every Single Child" PV version 2

It's been weeks since Sakura Swirl was out, and I'm intrigued there are both opinions that, it's quite changed from Luminous Orange's past style, while others say "It's rather typical Luminous Orange".
It's interesting that people feel the opposite ways by listening to the same music.

Anyway, I'm going to make another PV from "Sakura Swirl" when its Japanese ediion is out on December (there is still possibility of delay though),
and this time it will be one of the samplings + synth + acoustic guitars type ofsongs.
Otherwise, people would expect 10 "Every Single Child"s on the album.
But I'm not interested in copying my past songs. My long time listeners would have known that.

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September 21, 2007

New Album "Sakura Swirl" is out now5

sakura swirl is officially out now in japan....finally!
p*dis just started shipping to each store of Tower Records, HMV and WAVE(Omiya) 18th September.
It's a shame that not all of their branch stores ordered the CD,
and most of them only ordered 1 - 2 copies.
But can't complain... it's been really hard time for indie musicians.
I heard people saying they could hardly found the CD.
That made me decide to make a list of shops which are selling Sakura Swirl.
I do not want people in search of Sakura Swirl walk around to get nothing but swollen, weary legs....

p*dis just imported slightly over the total order amount from those shops, so I suppose, in 1 - 2 weeks,
Sakura Swirl will start disappering from the shops again. And because Music Related is as indie as us,
they cannot respond large order at one time.
So if you are thinking of getting the CD, please get it while they are in the store.

Incidentally, next gig is
Monday, November 26 at Shibuya O-Nest(Tokyo).
with Guitar from Germany (see Onitor Records).

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August 11, 2007

Tour photos for Formoz Festival in Taiwan5

I uploaded our Taiwan tour report.

Taiwan is located right south of Japan islands.
In contrast to Japan, no longer "Golden Islands" as Portiguese named 500 years ago,
Taiwan remains "Beautiful Island"... "Formosa" , Portiguese called.
I think "Formoz Festival" was named after that history.

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SXSW2007 tour report & photos5

It's been ages since we came back from SXSW2007 tour,
and it's simply because of my laziness, though I uploaded our SXSW2007 tour photos.

The tour member consisted of Masataka Fujii on guitar, Takeshi Endo on bass,
Koji Harie on drums, and me on vocal and guitar.

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August 05, 2007

"Every Single Child" Promo Video & Formoz5

We just came back from Taiwan.
We went there to attend Formoz Festival, the biggest outdoor music event in the Summer in Taiwan.
We hugely enjoyed, and it was really nice to see members of Asobi Seksu in Taiwan again!!
People of Taiwan were really nice to us, too!!!!

I 've just made a promo movie for our next album, it is out on the 7th August,
titled "Every Single Child" in which I included takes from our recordings,
and Taiwan tour.

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June 02, 2007

Asobi Seksu Japan Tour support act & Formoz Fesival in Taiwan5

I'm excited to announce the following 2 gigs of Luminous Orange.

* Friday 13th July
(2-3 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya, Tokyo)
with Asobi Seksu (from NY)
19:00- , ticket 3,000yen(advance ticket)

*Friday-Sunday , 27-29th July
Formoz Festival
(Children's central park,
3-66 Tzuan-Shan Pei Rou near Yuan-Shan station,
Taipei-city, Taiwan)

We will be able to sell our new album Sakura Swirl CD at these venues...
30 copies are left from our last gig.

And about Sakura Swirl release date....
I've mentioned in my japanese diary though, i've been lazy enough not to write
my english blogs.
Due to CD factory's sloppy work, half of the pressed copies were damaged.
Although they finished re-printing the damaged sleeves already, we had to postpone the release date.
I guess it is going to be late August - September...
Thank you for your patience....

I started studying Chinese...just greetings, and words like, "where is the station?" "i'm hungry", "help! ", etc.
Really complecated....
I can understand the meaning when I read the written words (because
both Taiwan and Japan use Kanji),
though once they are pronounced, it's impossible for me to understand.
Endo-kun (from Six o Minus, not our support bassist Endo-san) is also going, so we'll have to follow him (should try not to annoy them).....

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February 22, 2007

SXSW and interview with Austinist.com5

SXSW 2007 showcase detail has just been announced.

★9PM Friday March 16
The Ale House
(allay entrance at the back side of Olde Pecan Street, 310 E 6th st, Austin, TX 78701)

other bands are all experimental .... think i can learn from them a lot!!

And a new interview in english with is now live.

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February 05, 2007

Showcase date and venue

Our SXSW 2007 showcase date and venue were just sent to me.

March 16
at The Ale House
(310 E 6th street, Austin 78701 TX)

time TBA.

and SXSW staff was saying that the venue and date are subject to change,
so please come back to this page sometimes to check the final information.

tour members consist of
Fujii (g), Endo (b), Harie (dr) and myself.

Endo occasionally helps Luminous Orange gigs since 1996 or 1997.... i am not sure...
he also supported CMJ 2004 gig in NYC.
he is a good old friend of mine and label owner of Cream Cone Records.

Harie used to play at a venue called Uchujin in Hakodate(in Hokkaido, northern island of Japan) when he was a highschool student, and Fujii was the owner of Uchujin (now Fujii is concentrating on Sublime, bar and gig space he owns in his hometown Aomori).

and it will be the 3rd time for some people who see Fujii and me play live.
i think our guitar combination improved a lot recently....despite the 600 miles distance
which lays between us.

i am a bit scared because Fujii, Endo and Harie would be Bermuda Triangle of endless

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December 13, 2006


Sorry for abondoning this blog for so long (again).

We just got an invitation to perform at SXSW 2007,
held in Austin TX, on March 14-18 2007.

Though unfortunately, Tatechi will not be able to get some off from
work in March, so we're trying to find a support drummer.

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October 30, 2006

New T-shirts available!

adb3b789.JPGLuminous Orange's new T-shirts are now available.
there are changes in color variation, though a little bit.

you might find price difference between Japanese site and English site.
it's because in English page, i'm using PayPal shopping cart in which you can't set shipping fee by every item.
so, the total price of T-shirt and shipping fee in English site is almost as equal as which of Japanese site.

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