Cashing service means a small financial service financing for an individual for the purpose of the financial institutions such as banks getting interest.

The caching does not need a security and a guarantor, and borrowed money is possible within the ceiling again and again.

At first it is necessary to propose it to be handling service in a financial institution, and to use caching.

There are consumer credit system, sale on credit system, a system including the bank system in the caching company to sell in various ways.

The content such as an interest rate or the ceiling of the cashing service is different each.

I can apply for the caching from store window and an unmanned contract machine, the transmission form of the net.

It is a finance company I examine the applicant, and to judge a creditworthiness and repayment capacity.

When it is considered that it has constant repayment capacity that a caching card is published.

The thing which comes to be able to borrow and loan the money by using a card in a cash dispenser and ATM is recent cashing service.

Examination does not take time, and it is a characteristic of the recent caching that an application is simple.

He/she seems to overborrow it carelessly unexpectedly because many people can do borrowed money easily.

When I pay it back, I seem to pay back an amount of money that I decided at the time of borrowed money little by little once a month.

A record is listed in a caching history by any chance after an arrearage is caused when payment is late.

Because it becomes hard to receive new cashing service of afterward, attention is necessary at the time of the return.

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