January 18, 2018

おさななじみから ( osana najimi kara )


SHY NOVELS発行のBL。広島県尾道を想像させるイラストは小椋ムクさん。

Book Data
"osana najimi kara"
writer:You Shiizaki

It's BL and published from SHY NOVELS. The cover art that was imagined Onomichi Hiroshima was made by Muku Ogura.
Yukihiro Mamiya as a high school boy go to his auntie only during the summer vacation since he was a child. And he met his limited friend called Kohei again there.
BL have to try drawing more realistically about the possibility that relationship between men does not go well from now on. A high school couple has both possibilities and uncertainties, and it will be the greatest attraction of the story.
Some supporting actors are good. I wanna see the face of Kohei's cool boy classmate called Nakamichi and the gay couples of local college students who came out in the story.

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