DnL -History of Ganareth/Dark Age [Year 999-Year 6666]

DARK AGE [YEAR 999-YEAR 6666] by Satange

The first day of the year 999, Pyros, the capital city of the eighth realm, once famous for its rich cultural and religious life, was reduced to ashes.

However terrifying the Giants and the Dinosaurs might be, they were incapable of countering the rising influence of the Dragons. After a terrible and unequal battle, Diplood’s creatures were forced to acknowledge their defeat and lay down their arms.
For forty-four years, the Dragons grew more numerous and stronger each year. They were about to conquer Ganareth in accordance with Dragoon’s schemes.
Year 1144 was marked by the fall of the Goddess Aesir’s realm. Daemonia’s demons were wiped out by the icy breath of death, belched out by fearsome, powerful Blue Dragons. Having thrown herself headlong into the battle, Daemonia was about to reverse the situation when she came face to face with a Dragon of a new species, bathed in a ghastly light. As she also was bathed in this strange light, she felt her strength desert her; Lucinrhog had taken hold of her.
Dragoon had just sent the first of the five Lieutenants he had secretly conceived, in order to neutralize the mystic entities, immortal by nature. Focalohr, Haboroth, Vapulrogh and Bunekorh were holding themselves ready.
The Gods then started blaming Calder for having let Dragons multiply and thrive in his realm without opposing it. Aesir, weakened, too exhausted to materialize in the outside world, could not leave the Wahl anymore.
In the year 1225, it was the turn of Neutra’s realm to be invaded. Coccifera, the mother of animated plants, was ordered by Neutra to give shelter to the Elves. The latter’s intelligence had enabled them not to fall beneath the Dragons’ spell, but their magic was no longer powerful enough to give them any hope of victory. Coccifera’s animated plants put up a passive resistance, hiding the Elves, or partly blocking the way of the Orcs who were streaming up from the south, at their masters command. A great many of these plants was devastated by the Orcs, which entailed the mutation of certain species. Plants began to eat up their assailants’ flesh. The Elves resisted as much as they could, while hoping for better times for their realm and for Elven folk.
On the 55th day of the year 1432, as Neutra’s strength was waning, the Elves split up into three factions, believing in three different interpretations of magic, and they quarrelled bitterly during a meeting, over which interpretation to favour.
Most of the Elves wanted to carry on with practising traditional magic, while the rest of the Elven folk wanted to explore new ways to counter the terrible power of Dragons. Among the supporters of change, some wanted to practise a constructive magic, which they considered as a necessary evolution of the traditional magic, while the others intended to experiment with a destructive magic, in total conflict with the fundamental precepts of Elvish culture. Consequently, followers of this kind of magic were banished at once, and they had to move into caves.
The supporters of traditional magic and the followers of constructive magic went on arguing after the departure of the ones they considered as heretics; only Sylvandiel, a venerable, wise and respected Elf, managed to persuade them to stay united during battles, in order to face the troubled times ahead.

For 122 years, the Dragons fiercely and unrelentingly attacked Neutra’s realm, before moving on to conquer the God Agnar’s realm.

In the year 1554, Dragoon’s troops reached the heart of the second realm, without coming up against much resistance. Yet, at the expense of great sacrifices, the Dwarves succeeded in wounding several Dragons and killing many Orcs, by attacking them by surprise in the mountains. But many other Dragons came as a back-up from Neutra’s realm.
Complying with Agnar’s orders, Maam immolated several thousands of mammals and offered up their ashes to the Dragons, so that they would spare the lives of combatants, who had but very few chances to survive. The Dragons went on thriving within Agnar’s realm, without exterminating the Dwarves, though the latter had come to strengthen the Elves’ numbers in many battles. Indeed, many Dwarves had escaped unharmed from particularly bloody battles, such as the battle of 1555, which caused the death of thousands of combatants.
Just like Aesir and Neutra, Agnar’s strength was waning, and soon he was not able to materialize in the outside world either.
In the year 1655, totally unexpectedly, the Dragons entered Malecta’s realm. As it was surrounded by water, her realm had seemed until then to be inaccessible. The Trolls, who had been in a state of lethargy until then, seemed to be waking up. A glimmer of hope rose within Malecta’s realm, but it soon vanished. A few thousand of Nthuma’s Trolls and Living Dead were heading towards the coast, but the Trolls turned against the Living Dead at the very moment when Nthuma was giving the order to push the Dragons back into the sea. No one but Gothar would have imagined how strong and extended was the hold of the Dragons over the Trolls. Once the surprise was over, Nthuma felt hopeful again; as the shores were strewn with Troll corpses, she turned them into Living Dead, thinking the latter would rejoin her.
In her infinite wisdom, Malecta asked Nthuma to surrender. Dragons had the power to kill the Living Dead, and the corpses of Trolls that Malecta had been bringing to life were turning against her. The only possible way out was to negotiate peace with Dragoon. No one ever knew what Malecta’s pact with the Beast was, but the Dragons had acted like masters in her realm ever since.

In the year 1815, Hydra’s realm was invaded by the Dragons and their vassals, the Orcs and Trolls. The Gnomes had foreseen this invasion and they had fled to underwater cities. Reptansa, mother of reptiles, only put up a formal resistance against invaders.
Yet, the Dragons looked for the means to devastate the underwater cities, and therefore tried to crossbreed their people with numerous kinds of reptiles. Monstrous creatures were born that way, but none took sufficiently after the Dragons to choose not to rally to Reptansa. Mad with rage, the Dragons tried to decimate these new-born creatures, but many of them survived on dry land. The Goddess Hydra felt her strength desert her and then come back again .She felt about to faint so frequently that she wouldn’t venture outside the Wahl anymore. On Ganareth, Reptansa suffered the most dreadful abuse, as she couldn’t resist the grip of Haboroth, one of Dragoon’s lieutenants.
In the year 1991, Dragoon launched an attack upon the seventh realm. As Hel was sure of his power and of the strength of Placeeb, the mother of spirits, he refused to ask the other Gods for help, knowing they were already in poor condition. Hundreds of Dragons were struck by the lightnings he had aimed at them, as they were crossing the seas. Hel gave free rein to his terrible, fiery anger, but the Dragons nonetheless were too numerous and too strong. When they entered Hel’s realm, the Dragons used their magic to adapt to this new environment, so well that they soon ruled it and defeated Placeeb and her spirits, who had been the only ones left to defend the realm after the Goblins had disappeared.

Elytra, the mother of insects, born of Zephyr’s heart, Elytra had taken advantage of the Orcs’ departure to give birth to multitudinous swarming and buzzing insects, so numerous that the sky of her realm had become dark and impenetrable. The insects had been spreading out in every realm and they were used as messengers by the members of the Alliance, which were preparing for a counter-attack, well hidden from view under the clouds of insects . The Alliance was composed of Elves, Dwarves and Men, firmly determined to resist at all costs.
Zephyr offered them his protection, but refused to have Elytra officially involved in the battle; being loyal to his friends, Zephyr wanted to remain neutral in this uncertain fight. Dragoon was keeping a close eye on Zephir’s realm, as he had noticed for some time the unusual bustling going on there, as well as the disquieting proliferation of insects. Till then, he had considered wrongly that Zephyr’s realm had been conquered, since he had held sway over the Orcs for a long time already. As he had misgivings, he sent five of his fast-moving and ferocious Dragons out, but none of them came back. On the last day of the year 1994, as his troops were heading towards Ysatis’s realm, they were redirected towards Zephyr’s realm.
On the 55th day of the year 1995, the Dragons set off to reconquering the third realm The Orcs were sent to the slaughter by their masters the Dragons. The members of the Alliance fought with determination and courage, counting many heroes among their ranks, who were killed in action or burnt alive by the infernal flames belched out by the Dragons. The Alliance managed to stand up to Dragoon’s troops for 221 years. Dragoon spent five more years trying to track down survivors, who had become virtually elusive.
In the year 2221, Dragoon embarked upon the conquest of Ysatis’s realm, which he had too long delayed.
Coming from all sides, the Dragons, the Trolls and the Orcs were streaming onto Ysatis’s realm, which was thus completely surrounded. The land was deserted, only the sky was occupied, as Galinaa’s birds flew across. The Orcs and the Trolls did not fight at all during the first five years of occupation but they were affected by deadly fevers and mysterious diseases, inflicting heavy losses on their troops.
In the course of the past 1112 years, the Sprites had secretly been digging a wide network of galleries, which was spreading underground throughout all mainland realms in 2332. The members of the Alliance were making clever use of it, in order to make surprise attacks on Dragoon’s troops. Galinaa’s birds and Elytra’s insects were providing them with all the information they needed to put up a fierce resistance.
On the 55th day of the year 2355, a secret meeting, initiated by the Men and the Elves, was held in the underground regions of Ysatis’s realm.
The four representatives of the Alliance forces were there, namely: Sylvandiel the Elf, Lillkin the Dwarf, Gilhen the Man and Frolwen the Sprite.Three representatives of other races were sitting in front of them: Gruhun the Half-Orc, born of the crossing of Orcs with Men, Hoguànk the Half-Troll, born of the crossing of Trolls with Men, and Sargiaàn the Half-Elf, born of the crossing of Elves with Men.
Gruhun, Hoguànk and Sargiaàn wanted their people to join the Alliance forces. Gruhun and Hoguànk were filled with hatred for the Orcs and Trolls, whom he blamed, among other things, for having fallen under the domination of the Dragons. As to Sargiaàn, he wanted to follow his forefathers’ way, and throw the Half-Elves forces into the battle on their side. The seven representatives of the seven peoples therefore signed the Treaty of the Seven Pillars, which was binding for the whole battle, until the fall of the Beast or their own death. Thanks to the Sprites ‘galleries, the members of the New Alliance succeeded in destabilizing Dragoon’s forces. The Orcs and the Trolls suffered heavy losses; still, the Dragons remained virtually untouchable.

As he was greatly annoyed about the Alliance’s deeds, Dragoon broke off the agreements he had concluded with Malecta, Agnar and Calder. As a consequence, Diplood was shut away in the mines, deep inside a mountain, as an effect of one of the most powerful spell ever cast on Ganareth by Dragoon and his lieutenants. Nthuma was imprisoned by Bunekorh in the depths of the Pure Waters Lake. As to Maam, she was plunged three times into an erupting volcano, before the lava was finally able to hold her definitively.
Although Reptansa had remained neutral, she was buried by Haboroth in the putrid sludge of the marshes, and tortured by all kinds of pains. To capture Elytra, Vapulrogh and Focalohr had to join forces; she was held prisoner by the evil lightnings created by both monsters.
The entities who were openly fighting against the Beast, after having refused one more time to go over to him, were subjected to the same spell as the others.
Created by the magic of two of Dragoon’s lieutenants, four constantly blowing winds made it impossible for Placeeb to leave the desert in which she was held prisoner. Daemonia disappeared at a crossroads in a field, which she had been drawn to by Lucinrhog.
On account their shrewdness, four of Dragoon’s lieutenants succeeded in having Galinaa caught in the ice; she therefore lost all of her powers, before drowning completely.
Coccifera was the only one Dragoon’s lieutenants did not manage to get rid of, although she was considerably weakened.
Consequently, the bonds that the members of the Alliance had been establishing with the creatures born of the entities were broken. The fighting was taken up again, even more bitterly after the loss of such precious allies.

On the 44th day of the year 4444, the harbour city of Al-Drifa was created. Named after its creator, the city had been located on the border between Agnar’s and Ysatis’s realms and had rapidly emerged as the capital city for business and trade on Ganareth, remaining neutral during all conflicts. Dragoon paid very little attention to the rapid expansion of this city, as he was busy tracking down the members of the Alliance. The Dragons who went to Al-Drifa were getting acquainted, little by little, with the people they were oppressing.

In the year 5555, after their terrible defeat in the Rhuria pass, the members of the Alliance loosened their grip on Dragoon’s forces. Sylvandiel wasn’t able to keep the Elven people united anymore; the break-up was complete between the supporters of constructive magic and those of traditional magic. Day after day, hope deserted the warriors’ heart .The Wahl itself went dark and sad. The walls that used to be lined in gold and sunny shades took on a greyish shade.
Three days before the end of the year 6666, Dragoon decided to launch an attack on the tenth realm with five of his lieutenants. Using his magic to force open the doors of the Great Corridor of the Gods, Dragoon entered Gothar’s realm. The two sphinxes guarding the entry were killed after a fierce fight.
The nine Gods then felt the Mana surround them. Once again, Gothar was putting his hand upon the face of the earth. The Gods felt the quiet, irresistible strength of Gothar. The air started shimmering. Gothar materialized in the form of a Titan and made them all Titans.
Dragoon’s troops were repelled out of Gothar’s realm but went on attacking the borders for three days.
Unfortunately, the ten Titans couldn’t go through the Great Corridor of the Gods, as it was not possible to do so incarnated like that. Gothar and the nine Gods abandoned their outward appearance and went back to the Wahl. The ten Titans, deprived of their souls, went on guarding the Wahl’s entry, and Dragoon finally gave up all idea of invading it.
In the nine realms Dragoon still held, the Dragons became ferocious, putting the population under greater pressure .

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