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Twitter is nice; follow us jaopenofficeorg

Twitter is very nice. Dynamic and clear. You want to access and see "follow us" badge. currently follower is about 400.
I hope our project will have more collaborators than before!

What do you think?

Still SCA is in place and will be replaced by OCA.

I e-mailed to Stefan Taxhet and asked what is the status of SCA.

Stefan Taxhet kindly replied as follows

>> Hi Stefan,
>> What is the status of SCA? Do Oracle accepts SCA? I don't think so.
> The SCA is still in place. It will sooner or later be replaced by an
> "OCA". We continue to use the SCA until this is ready.
> Greetings
> Stefan

Automated captioning on YouTube

I'm really surprised to read the blog entry;
The Future Will Be Captioned: Improving Accessibility on YouTube. Many Japanese suffering from listening English - well it's due to
really bad education system in Japan; we only concentrate on maniac grammar but not for real communication.

Apparently this is a huge barrier between Japanese and English
spoken community.
So captioning will really really reduces barrier for us.

Great effort. I'll keep watching.

Jonathan Schwartz: Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal, it is very interesting blog. worth reading.

> Bill skipped the small talk, and went straight to the point, > “Microsoft owns the office productivity market, and our
> patents read all over OpenOffice.”
>“We’re happy to get you under license.” That was code for
> “We’ll go away if you pay us a royalty for every download”

So - we are now. I really thank for both SUN microsystems and Jonathan Schwartz very much.

English (US) MacOSX PowerPC version of 3.2.0 has been released!

English (US) MacOSX PowerPC version of 3.2.0 has been released!

This is the first official AQUA version of for PowerPC MacOSX.

Jean-Baptiste Faure has tested, and Marcus Lange corrdinated and uploaded.
Nakata Maho provided release candidate build, and community members have developed, indeed.

James McKenzie had left from QA after the release of 2.4.3, since then we have never see the release of English (US) MacOSX PPC version of OOo, just we don't have testers nor coordinators.
many issues and request for that, we have never see ...

I'm really appreciated as build provider.

See the thread;

Twitter ; has been launched. is the official
twitter of ja project (

you can see twitter window at
please have a look...
sorry - but I'd tweet in Japanese.

3.2.0rc5: How many packages are approved ?

you can look at t the QATrack, though,

here is a partial list which issues related to 3.2.0rc5. PARISC (HPPA) cmc z/Series (s390x) cmc Turkish builds rail Lithuanian rq Basque (eu) dooteo Itanium (IA64) cmc PowerPC (PPC) cmc Irish cpos Asturian (ast) marquinos en-GB sswales PL milek_pl PL milek_pl sv pereriksson nl cornouws Norwegian axelb Slovenian (sl) filmsi Serbian goranrakic (ca, jcorrius) (pl, milek_pl) (it, pescetti) (fr, jbfaure) (el, pkst) (ru, fyva) (ja, enoki) (de, mechtilde) (de, mechtilde)

QA: [from Christoph Lukasiak] new co-lead of OOo database QA team: andrew jensen

[qa-dev] new co-lead of OOo database QA team: andrew jensen

> i am proud to introduce andrew jensen (aka drew) as my executing
> co-lead of the OOo database QA team

Drew replied as

(Christoph Lukasiak offered)
three objectives:

1. potential showstopper have to be found early (especially in
pre-realease phases)
2. confirming issues
3. mailing lists

Then offered these admonitions:

.. please make sure that this runs as good as possible
.. but keep in mind that the people volunteer their time


Japanese Standard for ODF

> Based on a cryptic twitter from Dr Murata, it looks like the

> Japanese standard for ODF has been released.

This is a very good movement.

MacIntel: 9000sec gain on Xeon 2.66 four core + ATA

DEV300_m71/full lang build/Mac Xeon 2.66GHz, four cores/ATA disk

49771.02 real 36264.96 user 31626.42 sys

same condition/iMac 1.83GHz two cores/external FireWire(400)
58967.18 real 45967.31 user 20056.50 sys

+9196sec or 18% gain. 14hours! however too long sys on new Mac.
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