I was really impressed by the QA team of DE.
Weekend of the German OpenOffice.org QA team, and motivated very much.

Recently I have been working on how we Japanese team
do better QAs.
* how we define QA tests/protocole for Japanese
* how we find volunteers
* how we do not exhaust good QA testers and QA managers.

Last week (2007/5/24 22:00-24:15 JST)
we have done QA meeting on IRC. There are some
agandas, but the most important thing was forming consensus.
Here is the log
(in Japanese)
Mira - (aka maydimanche) created a wiki scheduling our QA process. Until now we didn't have such timetable.

According to wiki, khirano, mira, matuaki and bluedwarf are contributing to QA. We Ja-NL team thank them very much!