〜 A World of chanting
                   A World of Love 〜

Dec. 3 Fri. 2010 TOKYO

Join Global Vocalist Gina Salá,


an Indian Santoor player Jimi Miyashita


and Naoto in concert

                        (Artists photo by Akira Io)

in IZURUBA to allow you to rest in the bliss
of who you are.
Gina offers songs and chants from many cultures
that allow us to experience the beauty
of our shared humanity,
along with Jimi's gorgeous ancient echo
of Indian santoor
(close to hammer dulcimer),
and Naoto's silkroad oboe
subtle dancing rhythm of frame drums
like the pulse within.
You will leave relaxed, and inspired.


DEC. 3(Fri.) Start at 7:30pm. Open at 7:00pm.

" IZURUBA " (at Numabe station. 20min. from SHIBUYA)
(38-8 Denenchofuhoncho Ota-ku, TOKYO)

¥2500- ( reservation )
¥3000- ( door )

E-mail :  maluna?@livedoor.com 
           * Please delete ?.

5min. walk from 、<Numabe station> on Tokyu-Tamagawa-line.
Numabe station is 20min. from Shibuya. 30min. from Yokohama.

From Shibuya or Yokohama, take Tokyu-Toyoko line Numabe station is
next stop from Tamagawa station on Tokyu-Tamagawa line .

Or Numabe station is the 5th stop from JR Kamata station.