September 01, 2013

Easy Japanese phrases-3

WELCOME to OKinawa Guided Tour Yukari's weblog.
Marsh Communications T.G. LLC


September has come; no more buzz of cicadas, but Okinawa is still
warm enough to swim and relax on beaches.

Introducing a few easy Japanese phrases if you are on your own in Okinawa.

This is tasty
(delicious, yummy).

"oy she"  

Pronounciation tip:

="oy" as in "oyster"
="she" just the way you pronounce this English word

This is very good in Okinawan dialect.
( express that something is very good.
  you can describe just about anything like food, clothes, house, service etc)

"Joe toe"

Pronounciation tip:

="Joe" just the way you pronounce this male first name in English.
="toe" just the way you pronounce this English word.


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July 19, 2013

Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

WELCOME to OKINAWA Tour Guide Yukari's weblog.

I'm getting ready to visit Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium this afternoon
for a half day tour.
Hot humid day is expected, so make sure I put on enough sunscreen,
pack a bottle of water, and sunshade.

I never get tired of visting the aquarium; no matter how many times a month
tours take me there!

Just wondering what great encounter with today's guests is waiting for me.



Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium Website:

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April 30, 2013

Children's Day May 5th and Koinobori

Welcome to Okinawa Tour Guide Yukari's weblog.

Yukari Marsh has been welcoming overseas visitors to Okinawa
as a National Certified Tour Guide.
If you are looking for a very personalized guided tour in Okinawa Japan,
please feel free to email.

Marsh Communications T.G. LLC


Have you ever seen carp-shaped streamers called Koinobori?
Take a look at these pictures;


oinobori flying over the Hija River in Okinawa Prefecture.


May 5th is the Children's Day in Japan and it's a national holiday.
Parents wish for a healthy growth of boys and put up a set of carp-shaped streamers.
A set of Koinobori, which is usually tied to a pole includes:
a pair of shinny wheels on the top of the pole;
a large carp-shaped streamer (considered as a father);
a medium size carp streamer (considered as a mother);
a small size carp streamer (considered as a son);
and a multi-colored ribbon-like streamer.

Koinobori is normally  put up until several days after the Children's Day.
If you are in Japan now, or will be in Japan in early May
you will see Koinobori.

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April 17, 2013

Popular half-day tour of Okinawa

Welcome to Okinawa Tour Guide Yukari's weblog.
Yukari Marsh (CEO of Marsh Communications T.G. LLC) has been 
welcoming visitors from abroad as a National Certified Tour Guide.

If you wish a very personalized guided tour in Okinawa Japan,
please feel free to email me.

Here's one of our popular English guided Okinawa tour for half a day
by a chartered sedan or a comfortable van ( both with a separate driver).

 5-hour Naha city Highlight with English speaking tour guide:
Pick up and tour terminate point:
  Naha Airport , Naha Port or Hotel in downtown Naha city

Places to visit in our sightseeing tour in Okinawa:
UNESCO World Heritage site (1 and 2):
  1. Shuri Castle (70 min)
  2. Shikina Royal Garden (40 min)
  3. Kokusai St. (THE most well-known International Street of Okinawa)
  4. Heiwa St. (The maze-like shopping street connecting to Kokusai st.)
  5. Public Market (1-min walk from Kokusai st.)
  6. Tsuboya Pottery St. (Traditional kiln, good atmosphere)


Advance booking is required.
For more information, please visit our website.

Okinawa: Sightseeing in a sedan or a van.
Small group tour (1-9 people).
English speaking tour escort.

Marsh Communications T.G. LLC

See you in Okinawa!
Oink! (photo taken at Public Market) 



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April 14, 2013

Phoenix Reisen AMADEA 2013 Ishigaki

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide,
Yukari's weblog.

Tours offered by local English speaking tour guide:
Marsh Communications TG LLC

MS AMADEA at Ishigaki port in Okinawa Pref.

I saw how the huge ship turn in the port passage.

(1) AMADEA came in the port. A tugboat piloting her way in.


(2) Making a right turn.


(3) And turning more to the right.


(4) Turned 180 degrees!


And welcome to Ishigaki, Okinawa!


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April 02, 2013

Taketomi Island 2013

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide,
Yukari's weblog.

Tours offered by local English speaking tour guide:
Marsh Communications TG LLC

Taketomi Island welcomed my guests and me
with lots of flowers.



We did the popular waterbuffalo pulled wagon ride 
along the white coral sand paths.

The wagon operator talks about Taketomi Charter -
a kind of local rule to keep the community attractive
and preserve its traditional beauty.

The islanders sweep the path every morning
before the first ferry gets in.


(rutted path after the bufallo walking.  below)

This is something hot in Okinawa right now;
Goya bitter melon-like beach sandals!
Cool !!



February 26, 2013

Oceania Nautica @ Naha Okinawa

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide
Yukari's weblog.

Oceania Nautica docked at Naha Port today.


Two groups ( 6 + 4 ) of American guests each enjoyed
this unusually warm February day in Okinawa, Japan.

Yukari met a group of six;
and my fellow tour guide met the other

4 hour Naha highlight model course:

Former Japanese Navy Underground HQ.

       A place to remember and appreciate your peaceful days.

Shuri Castle

       Okinawa's most visited sightseeing spot.

Shuri Ryusen Bingata Fabric shop

   3-min walk from Shuri Castle

Tsuboya Pottery Street

      Old pottery kiln is what you must not miss!

Heiwa Street and Kokusai Street

     Colorful, fun, and no worry for forcing sales.

Greatful to have met you; Arigato and thank you.


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January 30, 2013

Guest's Review-08

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly tour guide;
Yukari's weblog.

Guided tour in Okinawa?

English tour guide/escort in Naha?

Friendly guide?
===You bet!

Good command in English/Japanese?
=== Hai!

Marsh Communications T.G. LLC


I received a note from a very special guest whom I recently guided.
It was a real pleasure meeting.


Mr. J.S./ the U.S.
January 2013:

I could not forget the great sites and culture we saw together
and your very professional and detailed descriptions and information.
You were excellent!
But probably one of the highlights for me will be your emotional and
very special singing of the "Sugarcane Song".
A very sad song about the people of Okinawa that you sang so well for us!
I sincerely hope that our guests from (////////) will be fortunate enough to
experience the #1 guide in Okinawa, Ishigaki, Iriomote and Taketome Island - Kari-san!



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December 14, 2012

Yachimun no Sato Potters Village

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide
Yukari's weblog.

Yukari's office was incorporated in August 2012.
Please visit and see what services are offered for overseas visitors
and non-Japanese residents in Japan

Okinawa English Tour Guide 
Marsh Communications T.G. LLC


VERY lucky if you are in Okinawa this weekend because Pottery Fair is taking place at
Yomitan's Yachimun no Sato (potters village) until December 16th, 2012.

It is in the central district on Okinawa main island, the village named Yomitan.

How to get there?
From Naha city, take bus route #29 and get off at Kina bus stop. Walk about 10 min.
If you take bus route  #28, get off at Takashiho bus stop, then take a taxi from there to
Yachimun no Sato (on foot, takes 30 min).

I stopped by and said hello to my potter friend Saiko Yamada
at Yamada Gallery.
(her father is the master Yamada Shinman !! and below is his works.)


 There are a lot more workshops to see at the fair.
A lot of pottery fans were there; each taking thier look at  beautiful dishes, cups, bowls, and
Okinawa's Awamori bottle Karakara.



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December 08, 2012

Excursion for OIST workshop

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide
Yukari's weblog.

Yukari's office was incorporated in August 2012.
Please visit and see what services are offered for overseas visitors
and non-Japanese residents in Japan

Okinawa English Tour Guide 
Marsh Communications T.G. LLC


Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology ordered a halfday
excursion for its winter workshop.
Quite warm day  - with the high of 21C.


First, the campus tour;
then headed for Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu.



OIST website:

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November 08, 2012

Face Book Page for MCTG

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly tour guide Yukari's weblog.

I have a FaceBook page; hope you visit there and "like" it.

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November 06, 2012

started as "Marsh Communications T.G."

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide Yukari's weblog.

In August 2012, my office started business as corporate status:
the new company name is -

Marsh Communications T.G. LLC


Our services include:

Okinawa Tour Guide in English;
Tour guide training seminar;
Japanese-English translation;
Corporate English consulting;
Operating English language class.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!

Yukari Marsh

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July 31, 2012

A tour to Miyako

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly tour guide- Yukari's weblog.

Guests often ask me where my favorite island is;
out of 160 islands of Okinawa Prefecture.
My answer? -- it's Miyako island, for its crystal clear water of the ocean
and the island's relaxing atmosphere.

I was back to Miyako last week on a tour.
Here are some of the fabulous places I visited:


Sunayama Beach on Miyako island, Okinawa.
Sunayama literally means "sand hill" or "sand mountain".
Very fine sand feels great.


From the northern tip of Miyako island,
cross the 1.5 km long Ikema Bridge.
The scenic drive takes you to Ikema island.


Nameless beach...on Ikema island.


Higashi Henna Cape on Miyako island.


Maehama Beach on Miyako, and Kurima Bridge.


On the western coast of Kurima island: Nagamahama Beach.
Powdery white sand felt so good on my bare feet.
There were absolutely no one when I went there.

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July 15, 2012

Yachimun ceramic artist: Shinman Yamada

Welcome to my weblog!

I'm Yukari (Kari) Marsh -
--the friendliest English speaking
tour guide in Okinawa Japan.

Okinawa's proud traditional craft , pottery,  is called as
"Yachimun" in a local dialect.

There are many ceramic artists,
but Mr. Shinman Yamada is one of my favorite artists.

Mr. Shinman Yamada: showing me where his works are baked;
at Yomitan's Yachimun-no-sato kiln.


Mr. Yamada's private home-gallery is so charming;
this is the front yard - some of his works being there blandly -
but so nice.


Mr. Shinman Yamada is famous for his dynamic brushstroke
technique in his works.




Related articles links:

Japan Times Newspaper.
"Castles and Crafts on the Yomitan"

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Shinman Yamada Exhibition "Hamon"

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May 27, 2012

What Okinawa has and doesn't have.

Welcome to my weblog!

I'm Yukari (Kari) Marsh -
--the friendliest English speaking
tour guide in Okinawa Japan.

I'd like to show you some of the great photos of Okinawa.

Okinawa doesn't have this....


but Okinawa has this!
--a healthy diet--


Okinawa doesn't have this...


but Okinawa has this!
--a path to blue ocean--


Okinawa doesn't have this...


but, Okinawa has this!
--crystal clear water--


Okinawa doesn't have this...


but Okinawa has this!
--waterbuffelo pulled wagon--


Okinawa doesn't have this...


but, Okinawa has this!
--bougainvaillea tree path--


Isn't Okinawa Japan cool?
want to tour with me?
contact me at...

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March 20, 2012

Monorail ride & Walking tour for cruiseship Athena

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking
tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

For the first time, M/V Athena cruiseship docked at
Naha's Wakasa berth.


I welcomed eight friendly Australian guests for my
walking & monorail riding tour today.

Unfortunate rain stopped us from visiting Shikina Royal Garden,
however, I took them to "back street tour of Naha city"
and their first experience on Okinawa's monorail ride to
Shuri Castle.

On the way to the monorail station,
we made a quick visit to Tatami straw mat craftman's workshop.
The workshop stands for over 55 years in the same port side location,
and in business for nearly 60 years.
One of the oldest houses in this district.


Walking towards the city center, we passed by the beautiful
Chinese style garden called "Fukushu-en".


Monorail ride to Shuri castle and back again on Kokusai street.


Come again!

Bon Voyage.

Privately arranged tour request:
please e-mail :

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December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays

Hi, I'm Yukari, Okinawa's English speaking tour guide.
The last tour guide job in 2011 finished yesterday.
I had a great encounter with wonderful guests.

I look forward to guiding you next in Okinawa Japan.
Traveling in Okinawa is fun, if you are with Yukari--much better.

All's well ends well.

Happy Holidays!

Smile and Peace


Smily Okinawa Shisa (good luck charm)


Shisa figure carrying Sake bottle on their way to PARTIES!


Baby guest and his charming smile.

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December 12, 2011

Read Me First


I'm Yukari Marsh.
I am a government licensed guide-interpreter
working in Okinawa Japan.

I've guided group tours, family tours,
team buidling tours for corporations,
familialization tours for overseas travel agents
and VIP tours.

If you are looking for a tour guide in Okinawa,
please visit my website:

Marsh Communications T.G. LLC

See you !


Yukari Marsh:
Government Licensed Guide-Interpreter
(English Tour Guide)

What is a “Government Licensed Guide-Interpreter”?

In order to work as a guide-interpreter for overseas travelers in Japan,
he/she must pass the national examination conducted by
the Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Ministry,
and obtain a license from his/her prefectural governor.

In addition to the specialized language ability,
he/she must possess a deep understanding of the Japanese geography,
history, industry, economy, politics and culture.

I have this license and is a member of
“Japan Federation of Certified Guide (JFG) " and
"Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association (OIGA)".
I completed intensive guide-interpreter training course in March 2006.

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November 19, 2011

Okinawa tour guide on the road

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide,
Yukari's weblog.

The peak tour season has ended for me
and I believe for most English tour guides in Japan as well.

Since the 3.11 disaster, Japan's tourism has been hard hit.
Okinawa too is deeply-impacted;
but personally, I've been fortunate to have tours,
welcoming overseas guests to Okinawa.

A young lady named Casandra was one of the tour guests I had this year.
She took some great photos and they include myself in the tour bus.

This is the one with Okinawa style castanet called Sanba.
I'm showing how to use them.

yukari guide-4

After my demonstration, guests take turn to play the Sanba.

yukari guide-3

This is the one when I explain Japanese characters (Kanji,
Hiragana, and Katakana), and Okinawa's former name Ryukyu.

yukari guide-5

And this one, what am I showing?
An illustration of Okinawa style family tomb.
Some of the related topics to share are:
Obon period,
Eisa folk dance, 
the idea of Nirai Kanai Shangli-la world after one's death,
and family ties/bond seen in Okinawa.

yukari guide-1

I can help you design tour itinerary, too.
When you plan your visit to Okinawa,
please contact me.

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November 05, 2011

Colors and sounds of a different city

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide,
Yukari's weblog.

Okinawa tour guide visited Fukuoka, Kyushu on Nov.3-4.
Fun to be in a different city, to hear different language/dialect,
and to be surronded by different colors.

Being a traveler myself made me rerealized the sense of being
in an extraordinary life scene.

Omikuji fortune telling papers tied after they are read.
(at Dazaifu Tenmangu shrine)


Dazaifu Tenmangu Shinto shrine


Lines of small shrines in green grove


Changing colors of leaves have just begun


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November 02, 2011

Okinawa Longevity- meet Umeto-san (91) at Ryukyu-mura

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide,
Yukari's weblog.

Hectic October has gone; and here I am at my office
remembering how wonderfully my tours ended.

One of my recent tours took me to Ryukyu-mura (in Onna vil);
and gave me a chance to chat with a 91-year old lady, Umeto.

Umeto and Yukari.
Happy life long life!!!!!!


She works at this very popular tourist facility every other day
entertaining with her famous "bottle dance"; she dances along
Okinawan Kachashi music and carries a Sake bottle on her head.


Asked her the key to a long life, and she said to me:
"love yourself, enjoy your life, appreciate what you have".

Umeto-san playing Okinawa's 3 stringed guitar called


Ryukyu-mura entertaiment held twice a day; 10am and 4pm.


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October 03, 2011

Shuri Castle 2-hour tour

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking
tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

I had a chance to guide a family group from Hawaii
to Shuri Castle this morning.

(Shuri Castle website in English)


I greeted my guests at the General Information Counter
at Shuri Castle park,
then explained Okinawa's history: dated back to 1429 when
Okinawa was still called Ryukyu Kingdom.

The guests were to visit only Shuri Castle with me in 2 hours.
For a spot-guiding like today, I do not put too much information
and stay simple.
Hope they will enjoy their time in Okinawa.

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September 23, 2011

The 5th Worldwide Uchinanchu Festival

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

Okinawa has a large number of emigrant population;
they are all over the world.

Every 5 years,
Worldwide Uchinanchu (local dialect meaning Okinawan people)
festival is held; and this year the 5th "big reunion party"
will be held (Oct. 12-16)

For more info: visit the official site:

I am going to attend a group from Hawaii;
the direct order came from Honolulu's travel agent.

Looking forward to the opening of this event!

The photo below is from the 4th Worldwide Uchianchu
Festival 2006 (the opening ceremony performance)


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July 24, 2011

Pro guides in Okinawa Japan

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

Being a government certified tour guide myself,
I belong to two professional guide organizations:
Japan Federation of Certified Guides (JFG - nation wide organization)

and Okinawa Interpreter Guide Association (Okinawa based organization).
The latter (OIGA) has just opened its web site:

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May 01, 2011

Guest's Review-07

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide Yukari's weblog.

On the third week in April,
I guided three guests from California.
The guests' relative introduced me to them,
and I had exchanged many e-mails before their arrival;
when we finally met on our first day on the tour,
I felt we were good friends from long time ago.

I received a thank you note from them recently,
and would love to share it here how wonderful their stay in Okinawa was--
for they were long looking for their relatives and
miraculously we found them !

Arigato for our encounter!
Thank you Agnes-san for introducing me to them.!!

California, US
April 17-20, 2011

Hello Yukari-san,
Karen, Mitsuko and I are all safely home now. 
We are so indebted to you and Matayoshi-san(the driver)
for discovering our family members and guiding us to them! 
We couldn't have accomplished that without your help. 
Our visits to the Higas, the Kiyunas and the Hirokawas were
profoundly moving and deeply touched all of our hearts. 

Thank you for providing us with such rich memories. 
Your interpreting skills definitely made our travel smooth and rewarding. 
Please extend our gratitude and best wishes to Matayoshi-san. 
You two make a fantastic team!
With warmest wishes,


The three guests at Zanpa beach, Yomitan.

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April 22, 2011

Recent tours between Feb.--Apr.2011

Thank you and Arigato for visiting
Okinawa's friendly English speaking
tour guide--Yukari Marsh's Okinawa Tour Guide blog.

I've been fine here in Okinawa, Japan;
keeping myself quite busy with work.

Here are some of the snapshots I took
from my recent tours.

One tour included Okinawa Karate practice in Yomitan;


one tour incuded a visit to Iriomote island nature trecking
together with canoe experience;
one night the guests enjoyed classical Okinawan (Ryukyu) dance
stage while "wow-ing" at delicious dinner;




on one tour, I took a silly photo like this one
only sticking out my face (I'm on the left);


the most recent guests from CA met their Okinawan relatives
for the first time in their life!--what an awesome moment !.


Come and visit Japan!
Come and enjoy Okinawa's summer 2011!

For your private English tour,
please e-mail me at

See you here next!

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March 15, 2011

Prayer for Japan

Thank you all for your prayer for Japan.

I and my family are all OK.
Okinawa has NOT been affected
by the earthquake nor tsunami.

Yukari Marsh
Okinawa Tour Guide

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February 08, 2011

Ocean Princess Guest's review-06

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

On January 21st, I had a chance to guide
a couple aboard Ocean Princess.
I received an e-mail from the guest
telling me how much they enjoyed the day.

Mr. and Mrs. D.M.
The U.S.
Ocean Princess

Dear Yukari,

Today I am reminiscing about our day in Okinawa
on January 21st, so  beautifully guided by you
and assisted by your thoughtful driver!

So many memories come to mind;
so many scenes are stored like photographs 
in my eye. 
I appreciate very much your willingness
to field my many questions as we drove
into town --Thank you!--

Thanks also for your commentary about sites
along the walk toward the Shurijo Castle Castle,
and once inside, your explanations about the court,
the beautiful rooms, and the roles of the various
parts of the castle.

Having lunch with you was a real pleasure, Kari, and mingling with the
folks on the street was such fun...I loved our visit to the food market,
the crafts shop and the workshops nearby.

This was more than a highlight of
an outstanding trip.
It was a unique and treasured experience
to have a one-on-one visit with another person
from the other side of our big, big world.

Many thanks for everything,
and thanks also to your very fine driver.


(photo taken at Naha port
 at the end of the tour with Mrs. DM)
Arigato & Thank you!

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January 30, 2011

Guests Review -05

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

Last November, I guided a very cheerful and friendly
golfers group from Hawaii.
One of the tour participant recently e-mailed me
and told me "a DVD- memory of Okinawa"
was on my way!

She also added;
"WE all enjoyed the trip and came home to Hawaii with many fond memories.
You made it a very memorable trip for all of us. 
Please let me know when you receive it

Thank you, Arigato for your warmth.

Yukari (second from the left) and guests
at Orion beer brewery.


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January 26, 2011

Experience a free guided tour @Okinawa Museum

Thank you for visiting Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide Yukari's weblog.

I am a member of Okinawa Interpreter Guide
Association that is consisted of licensed
tour guides in English, Chinese, Korean and

If you are in Okinawa Japan during the following
periods, why not visit Okinawa Prefectural
Museum and have a free guided tour?

*Feb.1, 2011 ~ Feb. 6, 2011.
*Feb.11, 2011 ~ Feb. 13, 2011.

For detailed information,
please refer the URL below.

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January 14, 2011

First Cherry Blossom 2011

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

The feeling of excitment,
seeing the arrival of Okinawa's
cherry blossom (Sakura) season!

The photos below were taken just
25 minutes ago in Yomitan district
in the central part of Okinawa Island.

I am hoping that my guests on board
Ocean Princess(Jan.& Feb.) and Nautica (Mar.)
will get to enjoy the lovely pink blossoms.




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January 05, 2011

What a beauty!

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

It's such a beautiful day in Okinawa;
nice and sunny with the high of 22C.
I'm off today, so went out for a little stroll
along Zanpa beach in Yomitan, located in
the central part of Okinawa main island.

My dear Sady accompanied me,
we both couldn't help but rush to this
white sandy beach...!




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January 04, 2011

Happy Healthy New Year from Okinawa Japan

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

2011 is year of the rabbit (hare).
Those who were born in these years are
"rabbit people"--1915,1927,1939,1951,1963,
According to the Zodiac sign,
rabbit people are trusted and financially lucky!

No, I'm not the financially lucky one...;
but I am receiving a lot of inquiries
for 2011 season private tours in Okinawa.

I'd be happy to make your private
itinerary. Please e-mail me at
for more information.

Okinawa's Sakura Cherry blossom season
starts soon!!!
Best time for viewing is in February!


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December 04, 2010

Okinawan cuisine on Kokusai street

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking tour guide,
Yukari's weblog.

December has come;
but we enjoyed beautiful sunny days this week-
a T-shirt weather of 27 degrees C.
Today though, it's chilly
and I feel like eating something hot,
like Okinawan noodle dish.

My favourite Okinawan noodle shop on Kokusai street
is here--- Shuri Suitenro.


The restaurant serves great food;
the photo image below is one examples of
a lunch set menu at 880 JPY.
Good deal!

Okinawan noodle in hot broth soup,
steamed brown rice,
pickled Mozuku seaweed,
Okinawan Zenzai sweetbeans,
sesason's green vegetables.


If you request a private tour and wish to include
a meal stop, I'd be happy to talk more about
Okinawan health food while enjoying eating.

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November 09, 2010

Sightseeing and golf

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly English speaking
tour guide Yukari (Kari)'s weblog.

It's a beautiful afternoon in November today.
The morning air was crisp and nice;
good day to welcome and start a tour for a group of 36.

After meeting them at a downtown hotel in Naha,
we headed down to the southern part of Okinawa.
Our first stop was one of the peace museums.


I'm in my office writing this weblog, why?

My guests are enjoying golf.
I'll ask them tomorrow to see
if there are lots of "Tiger Woodses" and
"Ai Miyazatoes".


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October 23, 2010

Run! Kari run!

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September 23, 2010

UPDATE: English guided walking tour in Okinawa Naha

UPDATED: (2010.09.23)
The OCT. 17 WALKING TOUR has been closed.

I have been guiding cruise passengers
professionally for the last 5 years.

In the Autumn 2010,
Yukari introduces the long-been-awaited

Naha WALK & Ride Monorail TOUR

    Costa Romantica passengers!

NEW ! NEW!  NEW !  NEW !

WALK & RIDE Monorail TOUR in Okinawa Naha.

DATE: October 24th, 2010
Tour begins:  10am

Tour starts: Naha Wakasa Port Cruise Pier
  **If the cruise ship docks at Naha New Wharf,
     tour length is 30min longer and local bus ride
     will be added.

Tour ends:  Kokusai street in downtown Naha.
  **The tour does not end at the cruise pier;
     however,Yukari is happy to assist you
     to find your way back to the pier on your own.

Tour Length: 4.5 h /4 kilometers

Where you will visit:
(1)Naminoue Beach; the oasis for Naha citizens
(2)Naminoue Shinto Shrine; magnificent Shinto Shrine
    which stands on a cliff overlooking the East China Sea.
    (or Fukushu-en Garden; beautiful Chinese Garden)
(3)Banyan Tree House Restaurant; Naha's unique
    landmark. Stands by the Meiji Bridge which crosses
    over the Kokuba River
    (photo stop only)
(4)A ride on Okinawa's Monorail; clean and modern
    Okinawa's newest public transportation.
    We'll ride from Asahibashi station to Makishi station.
(5)Kokusai shopping street;
(6)Makishi Public Market; Naha citizens' "kitchen" and 
     where you will see friendly local people.
    (on the 4th Sunday, the market is closed)

Tour Fee:  4,800 Japanese Yen /person
               Children under 10 are free.
Included in the tour fee: 
        Private tour guide, Yukari Marsh.
        English information booklet.
        Okinawa Postcard
        Small Japanese goodluck gift

NOT included:
        Meals and drinks.
        Monorail fare (300 yen)
        Bus fare (300 yen)
How to BOOK:
        Please e-mail;
        The booking closes on:
        OCT. 11th 2010 for 10/24 tour.

Payment:  50% deposit at the time of booking.
               Please send your deposit via Pay Pal.
               Balance is to be paid in Japanese Yen cash
               when you meet Yukari at the pier.

Refund:    Sorry, there's no refund
               once the deposit is sent.
               Should your cruiseship skips Naha
               due to bad weather or any other emergency
               reasons, we'll refund 25% of the paid deposit.

Tour Size: This is a consolidated walking tour.
               You can book a place just for yourself,
               or as a small group with your friends.
               The largest number in a tour: 16.
               Minimum number of guests to conduct a tour: 4

Child friendly?---YES!
Stroller friendly?--YES!
Senior friendly?--YES!

The walking tour is at an easy pace; however
please prepare comfortable walking shoes,
sunscreen, hat, and rain gear.
The tour is on rain or shine!

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July 25, 2010

Chatan American Vil. New Shopping Complex

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide Yukari's weblog.

Chatan township located in the central part of
Okinawa main island now has a brand new
shopping complex "Depot Island".

American Village in Mihama, Chatan.
Just off the route 58, you will see the sign.


This is the brand new landmark
--the pink clock tower.


There are about 50 shops, restaurants,
beauty salons, a live house MODS' and
Okinawa's great wood block print
artist Naka Bokunen's Art Gallery.

What it looks like a great Tsunami wave,
this is AKARA--where you find the art gallery.
First floor is a shop that sells souveniors
and the gallery is on the second floor.
The admission is 800 yen.


Depot Island is just so colorful!
It makes you feel like you are in some
European country.



A look of the clock tower from
live house MODS' entrance approach.



Shops along the seawall has
beautiful wall paintings.

I'd love to go back there to do more shopping
next weekend!




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July 21, 2010

Special program at Churaumi Aquarium

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide Yukari's weblog.

I escorted a group of 37 to the Okinawa
Churaumi Aquarium on Sunday.
It was hot; so on the way to the main entrance,
I walked through this mist spray--felt good!


Summer special program is currently on;
my recommendation is to see the largest tank of
Kuroshio from its top!

Through the end of September 2010,
no reservation/fee is required to go see the
whale sharks and manta rays from
the 4th floor level.

More information in English is available at:
Kuroshio Tank Exploring
Official URL


The IE island from the main entrance gate.

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July 13, 2010

Okinawa has ORION beer!

Welcome to Okinawa's friendly
English speaking tour guide, Yukari's weblog.

Hearing buzzing of cicadas,
looking up at a bank of clouds in the summer sky,
and feeling very hot when strong late afternoon sun
slanting through the window--
these make anyone feel thirstier than usual;
it is hard to wait for a glass of ice cold ORION beer!


ORION is loved by Okinawans for it's locally made
in Nago city (northern part of Okinawa main island).
The company has daily factory tour (4 or 5 times a day).
The best part of the 20 min tour is
a free tasting of freshly brewed Orion beer!


Kanpai! (standard Japanese meaning Cheers)
Kari! (Okinawan diarect meaning Kanapi/Cheers).

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