Ecotourism OkinawaSummer 2007!!

May 25, 2007

Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters5

navy underground HDQT

War memorial at the Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters in Tomishiro city.

Until June 13, 1945, Japanese Navy Admiral (Mr. Ota) and his 4,000 men were fighting against the American's severe attack.

On the night of June 13, the Admiral and his six officers killed themselves in one of the underground staff room. Today, we can visit the 300 meter cave tunnel; but it has some more area still closed to the public.


navy underground tunnel

After going down this long stairs, we will see a staff room where the admiral and his men shot themselves, a commanding officers room and generator rooms.

This part is off the record----A good friend of mine visited this site a few weeks ago. She took a couple of pictures and --- she saw something in her pictures that she did NOT see with her own eyes. (spooky!!!)

(Japanese version)


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Ecotourism OkinawaSummer 2007!!