A group of Mega Blue Bird (MBB) teachers visited Seoul, Korea from November 25th to November 27th, 2009.

Flying over Mt. Fuji

MBB Korea Tour Group

We were able to enjoy Korean food , do some sight-seeing and go shopping

Yakiniku (All you can eat!!)

Palace (It's big!)

A palace guard. No, the other guy!

Open Market

Our main focus, however, was to observe how English is being taught in Korean schools.

On November 26, 2009 we had the wonderful opportunity to visit CAU Elementary School (www.caude.es.kr).  This private elementary school is affiliated with Chungang University.

Welcome MBB ! !

CAU Elementary School

What makes CAU Elementary School unique is its immersion style of teaching English. 

Immersion Style

Students take 8 hours of English each week.  During this time only English is spoken by the teacher and students.

English Only !!!

Students choose an English name for themselves and is used throughout the lessons.  Having an English name motivate students to take a personal interest and ownership of their English studies.  This was certainly the case during our classroom observations.

MBB teachers were invited to the classrooms of various grade levels to watch actual lessons.  We were amazed by the high level of English skills demonstrated by the students.  Their pride and confidence was apparent in their enthusiasm to answer questions in near-native English.  We were absolutely overwhelmed

Wow !!

In addition to classroom instructions, students are given an English vocabulary test every third Saturday.  Also an internet homepage offer materials and resources for the students to study at home.  Finally, students participate in English speech contests, submit articles written in English to the school newsletter and take the JET test annually to evaluate their skills.

Let's Practice !

Overall, our trip was a success.

Thank You!!