Tamworth is one of the most wonderful places to visit in Staffordshire. It is a few miles away from Birminghan City and London. Moreover, it is full with brimming gr[censored] fields and meadows. On the other hand, it also has the famous Moat House and Tamworth Castle.

If you are a tourist, you would surely enjoy your visit here. It is likely that you might want your wedding to happen here. In case you thought of that, it is best that you opt for a garden or outdoor wedding in Tamworth. Of course, to make it truly memorable, it is advisable that you do it in a marquee, and to make sure that you will experience the best wedding, you should hire Mercia Marquees, the best marquee hire in Tamworth.

Have you ever attended or seen a wedding done in a marquee? If you have, you will certainly agree that it is one of the most romantic ways to get married. Being married amidst beautiful scenery is very dreamy. Surely, you have wished for this kind of wedding at least once in your life. Fortunately, it can happen to you in Tamworth if you hire the services of Mercia Marquees.

Also, being in Europe and all, having a wedding under a beautiful tent seems too medieval, and that is very cool. If you feel like it, it is a nice idea to choose a medieval or renaissance wedding theme. For your wedding, you can feel like a true princess being married to her Prince Charming. All the people around you will be dressed like nobles and aristocrats. If you are a bit daring, you can even make them wear peasant clothes and have a very merry wedding just like what people had back then.

To make sure all of that will be executed properly, Mercia Marquees should be involved.

To make that theme more authentic, make the marriage ceremony happen near Tamworth Castle. With the castle minutes away from you, who will not get into the mood? Surely, Mercia Marquees can do something for you if you request that. If that is not possible, you can choose a location near a lakeside or a scenic woodland. Or better yet, why not settle near River Tame? For sure, Mercia Marquees can make it happen.

On the other hand, if you are going for this theme and Mercia Marquees, it is best that you make the most of it. Send out invitations that look like parchment sheets. To make it stylish, you can roll them like scrolls and tie them with ribbons. If you feel like it, you can even use a wax seal. Of course, you should never forget to speak like a mediaeval aristocrat. Address your subjects or guests as Lords and Ladies and tell them about the feasting and merriment that will happen.

Having a wedding in Tamworth is surely fanciful. And again, to make it more memorable, never forget to hire Mercia Marquee Events Ltd as your marquee provider. If you want to know more about this company, visit the homepage of Mercia Marquees, the best marquee hire in Tamworth.

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