This is my latest project: The painting of a sento in Shiga prefecture in Japan. A sento is a public bath house ( In the old days, a sento was an important place in villages and cities, where you could meet others, rest and quietly recover from a hard day’s work. Nowadays, most Japanese have private baths at home, but this tradition still attracts a regular crowd ? probably because of the relaxed and peaceful environment. Usually at the wall above the bath, there is a painting. Most often it is Mount Fuji or a pretty landscape. This sort of stuff can be very formulaic and traditional, but I really wanted to do it my way. The floor of this sento is covered by old tiles and a broken spots in warm subdued colors, so I simply used these as link for my painting.

Baby pink Fujiyama. Man's floor. acrylic on wall. 2006

men's floor.

Matu. Man's floor.

mens ezit
The another dimension-M. Men's floor around door.

mirror m
Mirror matu. Men's dressing room. acrylic on mirror.

Pastel lotus. Lady's floor.

The another dimension-L. Lady's floor around door.

mirror l
Mirror lotus. Lady's dressing room. acrylic on mirror.