You Can Have Me Anytime/Boz Scags(1980)

I Dreamed A Dream/Susan Boyle(1980)

Fame/Irene Cara(1980)

The Rose/Bette Midler(1980)

Stand By Me/Benny E. King(1961)

Open Arms(1981)原曲 Journey 1981) Carey 1995)

Lately/Stevie Wonder(1981)

Arthur's Theme/Christophor Cross(ニューヨークシティ・セレナーデ)(1981)

Just The Two Of Us/Grover Washington Jr.(1981)

Turn Your Love Around/George Benson(1981)

Hard To Say I'm Sorry/Chicago(1982)

That's What Friendds Are For(1982)原曲 Rod Stewart 1982) Warwick 1985)

Ribbon In The Sky/Stevie Wonder(1982)

Every Breath You Take/The Police(1983)

Billie Jean/Michael Jackson(1983)

Come With Me/Tania Maria(1983)


Human Nature/Michael Jackson(1983)原曲 Michael Jackson 1983) Davis 1985)

I Just Called To Say I Love You/Stevie Wonder(1984)

I Need To Be In Love/The Carpenters(1984)

Last Christmas/Wham!(1984)

Leave A Tender Moment Alone/Billy Joel(1984)

Louisiana Sunday Afternoon/Diane Schuur(1984)

My Ever Changing Moods/The Style Coucil(1984)

Time After Time/Cyndi Lauper(1984)原曲 Cyndi Lauper 1984) Davis 1985)

Through The Fire/Chaka Khan(1985)

I Was Born To Love You/Queen(1985)

Overjoyed/Stevie Wonder(1985)原曲 Stevie Wonder 1985) Ross 1994) Washington Jr. 1994) J.Blige 2000) Monheit 2007) Dion duet with Stevie Wonder 2011)

These Dreams/Heart(1985)

We Are The World/USA For Africa(1985)

Breakout/Swing Out Sistter(1986)

Livin' On A Prayer/Bon Jovi(1986)


Calling You/Jevetta Steele(1987)

Tom's Diner/Suzanne Vega(1987)原曲 Suzanne Vega 1987) remix 1990) Moroder feat. Britney Spears 2015) and Giant Rooks 2019)

Englishman In New York/Sting(1988)

If We Hold On Together/Diana Ross(1988)