It is waist mawashi diet told to be good for diet, but, actually, will be a thing performing it in what kind of way.

It is about the same as the width of the shoulders and opens a foot and stands, and it becomes preparations posture for waist mawashi diet.

I greatly turn a waist in the range of the inside of the float while imaging the state that adds a float to a waistline.

A direction to turn it to is one's proud direction and turns a waist without overdoing it slowly.

In spite of being intention, I turn only a waist so that a whole body does not sway slowly.

It becomes important that I am conscious so that a head and a shoulder do not move.

It is that the important place of the waist mawashi diet is relaxed without sprinkling power to a body too much.

I attach reaction and suddenly turn it, and prevent please you from doing the way of disposing hurting a waist.

When I do the rotary motion of the waist, it is to continue breathing from the abdomen.

The exercise of waist that I stop breath will be careful not to do it.

Even daily exercise is good for diet, but or, the twice of morning and evening, it is said that three times in evening are still more effective in the morning at noon.

There is the exercise of the waist mawashi diet one more.

I open a foot to the width of the shoulders and I stand and I put both hands on the waist and wave it to front and back slowly.

I can go on a more efficient diet by using two kinds of waist mawashi exercise together.

Many people achieve an effect by waist mawashi diet.

Because you can simplify it, please try it.

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