Lijiang- Home Stay

So we're in Lijiang now. We had our first homestay in China last night. It was definitely an interesting experience. We were first scared because it was just Lauren and I staying at this one home while other ppl got to stay with like 10 ppl. We first met with the kids at the homestay and they were really shy so we didnt know what to do... But they turned out to be cute kids. They opened up to us once we started asking them about Chinese singers and stuff. They also fed us like crazzzzy. Fruit after fruit. Peanuts. Candy. Tea. The best part about the homestay was the crotchety grandma at the house. She cracked us up. She kept speaking in Naxi Hua (a dialect) so we didnt understand her. She also claimed that Zhongdian was no fun. Hilarious. The house had a western bathroom and nice beds. It was a pleasant surprise.

Lijiang is a beautiful place. It reminds me of Kyoto.

Anyways, gotta go. Will update more later.


Ni hao from云南省

Long time no write!! I'm in 云南省!!! I left Beijing on the 20th and will be travelling for about two weeks. I know this is not a "study" abroad. Hehehe.

I'm having so much fun here. Very different from what I see in Beijing. I'm in an internet cafe in a little town called 中甸. There's seriously nothing here but a small town with some shops and Tibetan homes surrounding it. I went to some monastaries and actual Tibetan homes for tea and stuff.

It's hard to believe that I'm actually here. I didn't think I would be someone who would come to places like this.

We're moving on to another place called 丽江tomorrow and then to 大理and 西双版纳.

Pics to come when I return to Beijing.






こっちではすぐ友達できたからよかった〜3 ってか友達作るのに困った事ないから心配する事もないけどさ。笑 



8日の朝6時に北京到着!めっちゃ寒かったけど、ちゃんと学校の人が迎えに来てくれててホッとした。学校についたらなんとお掃除の中国人の女の子たちがみんなでお出迎え???みたいな感じで外に立ってびっくり。そしてその子たちはあたしの重いスーツケースを3階まで階段をのぼって運んでくれた!!ありがたや〜 その後中国人の男の子があたしたち4人を朝ごはんに連れてってくれて、めっちゃ濃いコーヒー飲みました。昼は思ったよりちょーゴージャスで散々みんなで頼みまくったのになんと合計9人で109元=15ドルくらい。えええ?????とか思った。その後学校の外にあるイトーヨーカドーに行ったり電気屋さんにいったり、学校にある小さなコンビニに行ったりして必要なものを買ってきました。何でも安い!!!!でもそう思って買い物ばっかりしてると破産するかもということで気を付けまーす。