Dog kennels

Dog kennels and dog kennel fence are meant to keep your dogs cozy and comfortable, protect them from climatic conditions and provide them a personal space. High quality dog kennels are not connected by chain for your dog's fur may get caught in them causing him injury. Versatile kennel structures that can keep your dogs safe and secure are the best options. There should be no exposed wires and kennels should be properly ventilated. Portable dog houses and good for traveling with dogs and make your dog more comfortable outdoors.

Dog kennel flooring

Wood is good option for dog kennel flooring provided that it is treated so that it is waterproof as well as stain and odor resistant. If your dog kennel flooring is made of wood that hasn't been adequately treated then you will encounter many problems. Should your dog accidentally soil the wood floor of its kennel and it isn't stain and odor resistant then you will not only end up with a nasty looking stain on the floor but every time your dog needs to use the bathroom it will smell that spot and be automatically triggered to use the same place over. There are some different ways to remove the odors left by dog urine or excrement but the easiest by far is to do your best to avoid any accidents from happening in the first place and make sure that the dog kennel flooring is properly protected against any such accidents.

Using the solution, clean the area thoroughly with a mop. Mop the area thoroughly with clean water to remove any traces of soap. Dry with an old cloth thoroughly.

Spray an enzyme inhibitor (use one designed especially to be used on wood surfaces) onto a dry rag and wipe the area.

Portable dog kennels

Portable dog kennel solves all your dog containment needs. Use at home for dog run and exercise yard. Use at dog shows and sporting events for temporary confinement. Easy to set up at the site; Covered for shelter from the sun; Fits into a pick-up bed for safe travel to and from your show or event.

Some of the protable dog kennels features include:

Portable dog kennel includes sunscreen top that prevents dogs from jumping out as well as blocks 80% of the suns hot and harmful rays

Easy-fit ends and pipes make fence assembly a breeze

One-handed latch assembly

Door can be mounted on either side

How to build a dog kennel

A company that sells dog kennels was offering a free course to anyone that bought their kennels on how to build a dog kennel.

The kennel is constructed out of 150x19 rough-sawn treated pine for the floor and roof (this timber is commonly used for fence palings), 50x50 gauged or dressed untreated pine for the framing, 50x50 gauged or dressed PT (pressure treated) pine for the under floor skids (dressed or finished size is usually 46x46) and one sheet of 9mm exterior plywood from which the walls are cut

Dog kennel fence

The best kinds of dog kennel fences are made out of heavy-duty wire mesh and are rust proof so that they are both durable and easy to clean. Keeping your dog kennel clean means not only frequently washing the inside of your dog's living area/house but also cleaning the surface of the floor the roof cover and the dog kennel fences.

Any surface that is not kept clean can be a potential breeding ground or refuge for bacteria and parasites. Some of the best dog kennels fences are made of 100% commercial grade steel and have good solid frames, with quick connect frame components, and then have heavy duty uni-body chain link wire mesh or 8 gauge heavy-duty 2x4 welded wire perimeters that are attached to the frames with the direct drill and weld method.

Steps how to kennel train a dog

There are three main segments of training to teach a dog any exercise. This applies to obedience and all other areas of training as well i.e. protection work, agility, etc.

• Teaching Phase

• Learning Through Intermittent Success

• Learning Through Conflict

With the help of the above three steps its helps a dog goes through the process properly, it will actually go up in drive after it gets corrected because it has learned that it is now going to be put in a situation where it gets it's drive goal.

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