The breast lift is becoming an increasingly popular option for those who want to give their figure a boost. Learn more about this procedure here.

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is designed to undo the effects of gravity and turn saggy breasts back into perky ones. There are a variety of factors that can cause breasts to sag, including the effects of pregnancy, breastfeeding, age or breasts that are too large for the body frame and go down with gravity. Sagging can also be caused by a sudden weight loss or weight gain or just from the natural course of nature taking its course. This procedure can also be done in conjunction with implants or a reduction to make the procedure more successful.

Your plastic surgeon will measure and take photos of your breasts for your medical records and discuss with you your surgical options. If you have a lot of lift needed and need a reduction you may require more incisions be made. Most plastic surgeons are skilled at placing incisions where they are hidden by the natural folds and contours of the breast; your scars will fade over time and barely be visible. If a lot of lift is needed it may be necessary to remove the nipple and areola and surgically move them up to a higher location. If this is necessary it can interfere with your future ability to breastfeed so be sure to discuss this concern with your doctor if you are planning to have future children. This a surgery you want to delay until you are done breastfeeding if this is a concern.

A breast lift is usually done in a surgical center, under either general or local anesthesia and usually can be completed in just under a couple of hours. After the lift, you should expect some bruising, swelling and soreness and you will need to wear a surgical bra for several days after your surgery and wear a sports bra for several weeks afterward for maximum support. Your stitches will be removed in one to two weeks in stages until you are healed. If you are having multiple procedures done such as a reduction or implants your recovery time may be a little longer, but overall you should expect to resume most normal activities within a few weeks and be fully recovered within a month.

As with any surgery, a breast lift carries certain risks including an adverse reaction to the anesthesia, bleeding and scarring. You should discuss all risk factors with your surgeon during your initial consultation so you fully understand the process and any potential problems that you may encounter in your surgery and recovery.

Patients who enter into the breast lift process with realistic expectations about their outcome results and fully understand the recovery process are generally happier than patients who focus more on the physical results and gloss over the surgical process and healing process. Article Tags: Breast Lift

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