I want to show you how to start a real network marketing business online. I'm not talking about hype, or silly explanations, or any of

that stuff. I'm talking about honest marketing techniques that are battle tested and work. Enjoy this article and be sure to share it with

your down line. These are the same marketing principles I use to grow my business each and everyday.

I recently read an article titled, "How to start Network Marketing Business Online". I found the article on a very po[censored] r network marketing website. I was blown away by how vague the article was. I couldn't help but ask myself, "How could anyone start a real network marketing business online with this kind of information".

After reading the article I knew I had to share what successful network marketing online is all about!

Alright, let's dive in! There are two very successful marketing principles you must meditate on. Number one, your online network marketing business is not your company or product. Your entire home business is "You"! This is the power of attraction marketing. People will join you in your business because of you and what you have to offer.

Number two, Don't be tempted to advertise your company on the front end. If we went over to Google I could show you hundreds of ads that go something like this.

Join XYZ company

Unique Compensation Plan


I see this mistake all the time in Internet marketing. In fact when I first got started I did the samething! It's very tempting to want to sell "how great your company is" right from the get go. Don't fall for this trap. Advertising your company on the front end will not work long term.

People run as fast as they can from the , "My company is the best and here's why" spill. Wouldn't you? These days everyone has been pitched on one network marketing company or another.

Here is an ad that "knocks the socks off" so to speak.

Learn the secrets of MLM

from a six figure earner

Free step by step marketing plan!

This ad will out perform one hundred fold every time. Why? A real solution is being offered. A free action guide to show you how to start and grow a six figure income using the power of MLM. Notice how I'm not selling my network marketing company.

These two Internet marketing strategies are crucial to your success. I feel fortunate that I stumbled upon them early in my online network marketing business. I want to share these with as many people as I can. Make them the foundation of your online network marketing business.

I don't want to change the subject or content of this article, but there are two tools that I consider a must for your network marketing business.

1. A system that allows you to generate leads into your online network marketing business

2. Training on how to advertise your lead capture pages

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