Table Pads Custom is a table pad manufacturer that over the years has made custom table pads for all types of tables. We distribute round table pads, oval table pads, rectangular table pads, square table pads, boat shaped table pads, rectangular with rounded corners table pads, arrowhead table pads, octagon table pads, and all other shapes as well. We sell table pads for dining room tables, conference tables, kitchen tables, buffet servers, end boards, coffee tables, [censored] tail tables, desks table pad placemats, table paddies and much more. Our table pad factory offers only 1 type of table pad.

Our pad is the best table pad on the market and we offer a price guarantee as we are the factory direct. We are proud to manufacture tablecloths as well. Our table cloth website Table Cloth Factory is a table linen website that custom makes tablecloths, linen tablecloths, linen napkins, cloth napkins, table runners, Christmas tree skirts, chair covers, sashes, overlays, oversized tablecloths, table linens, logo tablecloths, digitally printed tablecloths, liquid repellent tablecloths and much more. We have the ability to produce logo tablecloths for trade shows as well. Our table pad and table cloth factory give our clients the most options on table pads, table covers and table linens all at wholesale pricing. We have clients around the world! We are proud to manufacture all of our products in the USA.

Using table pads for your tables is not waste of money because by using protective pads you can keep your table new as it is. You can also protect your table from scratches, spills and other kind of scratches. Our table pads are made-up from the best quality of material which last forever and we also give life time guarantee to you. We have varieties of table pads for all types of table pads. You will never disappoint by purchasing table pads from our company. We provide table pads at competitive rate so that it easily fits in your budget. By using table pads, you don't have to bother about your table. You can freely use your tables without any tension. We are passionate about protecting tables. If you are thinking that giving order to us time consuming as well as daunting process then no it is extremely simple and easy to give order to us. For more information visit our website at and

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