Every year over 250,000 pets go missing and half of them are never returned to their owners. How many of those pet owners believed that they would never lose their beloved pet? How many of them never took the time or took the necessary proactive measure to prepare for the unexpected? How many pet owners are still living with the hurt, pain and guilt of the lost of their adored pet?

There is nothing worse than the possibility of losing your little family member and never seeing them again. It's just unimaginable. But, thankfully, there are things you can do to greatly increase the chances of finding your little loved one or having them returned if they were to become lost, but unfortunately some of these actions can put your home and your safety at risk.

One of the actions taken to recover a lost pet is when the lost pet's owner puts out flyers. I've seen many of these and I'm sure you have too. The flyers have the pictures of the lost pet with a very sincere plea from it's owner asking that if anyone finds their little family member to please, please call them or bring their lost pet to their home. Another step pet owners take is to purchase name ID tags for their pet. These tags can be placed on your pets collar and they usually contains your pet's name, a phone number that can be called, and sometimes an address the lost pet can be returned to should someone find them. As noble as these measures are to make sure the lost pet is returned to its home, they put the pet owner at risk because it puts out your personal information to the public. You absolutely want your pet returned, but I'm sure you don't want unsavory individuals gaining access to your phone number or address, but that is a very real risk if your pet becomes lost because you never know the type of individual that will read your "Missing" flyer or find your little loved one.

Well, fortunately, there are safer steps that can be taken that will not only increase the chances of your pet being returned to you, but the threat to you and your home during the recovery process are significantly reduced. One thing you can do is to keep your pet in the house and never let them out unless you are with them. Pretty basic but you'd be surprised how many pet owners let their pets run out of the house unsupervised and unidentified. You can purchase a GPS location device for your pet. They are on the expensive side, but they are an excellent way to track down your lost pet without putting your home's location or yourself at risk. And lastly, you can purchase ID tags that have an 800 number and/or internet recovery service. These are great. They only have an ID number, 800 number to call or internet website to access. They're very inexpensive and most have only a one time cost and that's just for the purchase of the tag(s). If you already have a GPS device, they add a great second layer of protection. Your private information is never given out to the finder which gives you precious peace of mind with regards to your privacy and personal safety.

You never want to think about the possibility of losing your pet, but unfortunately, it is something that could happen. How prepared are you should the unthinkable happen? Make sure your little family member gets home safely should they become lost, but also keep your privacy and your home safe.

Keep Your Pet And Yourself Safe!



Hi, I'm Anthony Saunders. If you want to maximize the recovery chances of your beloved pet and keep your personal information private and make your home safer during the recovery process then please visit my website at: http://www.MightyTag.com/improvinglivesWindows Installer Error 1719
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