If you are considering a home in the sun, the island of Phuket, basking in the southern Thailand sun, has a great deal to offer and is well worth your consideration.

With a less than thriving economic climate, not to mention the actual climate, in the West it is not difficult to understand why so many people are making a move overseas, either full or part time.

The Phuket Property market is booming and with such a wide range of property types, available on this very special island, living the dream life, for many, is becoming a reality. Examples of available properties include villas, condominiums and luxury villas.

Phuket has all of the trappings of a tropical island paradise but with western infrastructure and facilities that makes it a particularly attractive place to live. World class hospitals and schooling are within easy reach.

Phuket Island, once a trading port, now has a thriving economy and tourist industry and a bright future ahead of it thanks to its all year round, hot, climate, friendly people and endless entertainment opportunities. Phuket offers world class golf courses and world class SCUBA diving in its marine life filled tropical seas.

Phuket has many events going on throughout the year and joining in with them and other celebrations offers a unique way to gain a rich experience of the local culture. Popular celebrations include The Chinese New Year that brings the islands population together in colorful celebration. The Rock and Blues Festival, in February, is another very popular event where international and local blues and rock bands perform live for your entertainment. The Biking Weekend, in April, is another well attended and enjoyable event where the owners of bikes, of all shapes and sizes, arrive from all over the world to share their biking enthusiasm. Songkran, also in April, is the time to celebrate the Thai New Year which is welcomed in with a colourful and enthusiastic water festival that nobody can, or would want to, escape from. Thais love sanook, the Thai word for fun, and no other festival demonstrates this more. The Chao Ley Boat Floating Festival takes place in both June and November in is celebrated by the launching of small, candle-lit boats into to ocean to take away of bad luck and honor ancestors.

Other festivals include the Vegetarian Festival in late September, the Andaman Sea Festival in November and, of course, The Phuket King’s Cup Regatta which is arguably Asia’s biggest and most popular regatta. The Local Life Festival, in December, organized by the Old Phuket foundation, is held to restore significance to the historical parts of Phuket that is loved by both its ex-pat and Thai population.

Phuket has so much more to offer than just golden beaches and palm trees and a home in Phuket offers a wonderful opportunity for a new, fulfilling and exciting life. Take a step into your future by visiting www.phuketpropertystore.com and open the door to your dream of living in paradise and turn it into a reality.

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