Saying you're a multi-tasking mom is redundant and we all know it. We juggle everything from our significant other to work to kids to housework to our parents to our siblings (and everything in between). We puff up our chests and say, " man can do what we do, as well as we do it". And, that may be true.

Have you ever done something like, while putting on makeup, passing a juice cup to your toddler in the back seat, while talking on your cell phone? We all have! We take pride in wearing the "Multi-tasking Woman" badge of honor. We do it and all our friends do it, too. It just goes along with the territory of being a woman first, and a mom, second.

I've been a classic multi-tasker for so long now that I sometimes find it difficult to just do one thing at a time. When I'm doing one thing, I find myself thinking, "What else can I be doing right now to make myself more efficient?" And then, I immediately add a new activity to what I'm currently doing?

Even while I'm on the computer I try to think of new screens to open so I can work on several things at one time. Windows® has made it incredibly easy to navigate between tasks to the detriment of many of us adults with self-diagnosed ADD. But, I digress.

Does having the ability to "focus" on multiple tasks make me more efficient, more effective, more in control of my life? In that moment, it feels like it. As a matter-of-fact, I often find myself feeling proud of the number of overlapping things that I accomplish in a sitting. But beneath that, I feel like a frazzled numskull.

Recently, I've begun to really reflect on what it means to be a multi-tasker and why we women wear that title so proudly. Sure, it's a wonderful thing that we can juggle a lot of things at the same time. But, should we constantly live in a state of juggling?

Many of us manage multiple jobs almost all day on most days. And, to be honest, this bites! We've been fooled to think this makes us more in control. And, it doesn't. What it does make us is less in-tune with the moment, a lot more forgetful (can anyone say "Hello" to mommy brain?), and completely stressed-out. How can any of this be good for us?

I don't know about you, but I'm rebelling against multitasking. I've decided to devote more undivided time to each activity that I'm engaged in. For me that means, if I'm working, I'll work on one task at a time. If, I'm spending time with the kids, I won't be checking my email on my cell phone or reading a business book. If, I'm on the phone with a friend, I won't be doing housework, too. And, if I'm spending time with my parents, I won't be taking calls, unless I feel it's an emergency. Also, while I'm making changes, I'd like to throw in that I'm going to stop over-scheduling and over-committing myself. Instead of saying to myself "just do it", I'm going to "just say no", when I need to.

Making these simple changes in my life will make me less stressed, more in the moment, and will be a cure for mommy brain...let's hope.

Mom, have you let yourself go? Lynn Lawson's desire is to inspire women to nurture themselves in the same way they nurture those around them. She publishes One Funky Mama, an online guide covering style, beauty, wellness, motivation, and mamadventures. One Funky Mama encourages moms to live more fun and fulfilled lives. If you need that extra push to make your life more balanced, sign up for the semi-weekly ezine at .0x8024000c,ERROR_DEPENDENCY_NOT_FOUND,ERROR_INVALID_LEVEL,ERROR_REMOTE_STORAGE_NOT_ACTIVE,Update Error Code 80070643
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