Are you replacing your light bulbs every other week? Before you call out the electrical repair technician, take a look at some of the reasons that could be behind your issue.

Are you getting tired of replacing your light bulbs every other week? Light bulbs should last a few months at least, right? Yes. In fact, most typical incandescent bulbs are rated to last approximately 900 hours. This lifespan can be shortened dramatically depending on how they are used and other outside factors. If you are simply using the bulbs normally and are still experiencing frequent burnout, there could be a problem. Before you call out the electrical repair technician, let's take a look at some of the reasons that could be behind your issue.

High Voltage

A light bulb is meant to receive a certain amount of voltage. When the voltage in a home is greater than that "average" amount, you get brighter lights and a shorter lifespan. You can use a voltmeter to find out what kind of voltage your house is supplying to your lamps. You should expect to see something in the 120 range. Five below or above is fine. If it is too much more than that, however, this is a problem. You should call your electrical repair company or the utility company itself and find out what you can do to correct the issue.


A bulb works best when it is allowed to be steady. When a light bulb is attached to a ceiling fan or parked below a ceiling that is constantly being stomped on by noisy neighbors (or your family when they venture to the second floor), it can reduce the lifespan you get out of that bulb. Any vibrations will start jiggling the filaments inside the bulb and this is not good for a long lifespan. There's probably little you can do about the vibrations, but you may have success by investing in a rough service light bulb. They are designed to take a bit more impact, although they are also more expensive.


It is important to use a light bulb that matches the wattage recommended by the fixture. When you use a bulb of higher wattage, you are basically just asking for trouble. Not only is this a minor fire hazard, but you are also certainly going to experience much faster burnout times. The filament will burn through much more quickly, leaving you stuck in the dark. Check your lamps and fixtures and make sure you are using the correct wattage. You can find light bulbs of many variations when it comes to lumens, which is the true measure of the output anyway. Choose the right ones and avoid expensive electrical repair.

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