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Sobreviviente de la Bomba atómica-Hiroshima
That Day: A Survivor's Story (My film prodeced by an American couple)
A survivor's story
You can enjoy many photos of flowers I took Flowers in Close Up

Welcome to my blog! 

  I am one of the youngest A-bomb survivors. My mother was four months pregnant with me when she entered the center of Hiroshima three days after the bombing.  I was very sickly in my childhood.
  In spite of two serious diseases, my mother is now 98 years old.
  My father was three kilometers from the hypocenter when the A-bomb was dropped, but he lived to be 93.
  My grandfather was 600m from the hypocenter and died one month later. Here is my mother's testimony about her father's death. Please read it.

                                              My Story

My Father's Sixth of August, 1945 in Hiroshima
  I have been guiding at the A-bomb Dome almost eight years to tell the truth, hoping that world opinion will lead to the abolition of inhumane weapons. Please speak to me when you visit Hiroshima and find me.
I hope this blog will help you know “HIROSHIMA”.
I love taking pictures, especially those of flowers.  Please enjoy the pictures I photographed. 
MITO Kosei, October 5, 2016