August 13, 2010

Summer report 夏報告

Summer in japan, we get a lot of fruits,
Ishan loves expensive fruits like melon, peach, grapes....he was so happy with melon, he wanted to be a melon!

we finished the moving of our house back to my parents house.
Even we were busy with moving we still went to OKABE riverside so often to swim and enjoy the stream, nature, cool air there.
OKABE is just next town from our town, its such a nice place with green tea field, mountain , nice river, rice field.... very different from sea side!


we had a guest, mario's friend from quebec came to visit us, its nice like this we can explore japanese culture more around,
we went 'japanese lunch course and onsen(japanese hot spring)' in yaizu.It was a new nice experience around here! Ishan enjoyed a big big bath.

for mario's birthday, actually we already had few weekend parties with different kind of friend lately, one with my university mates which was really nice party, and zentra teachers non-official meeting so called drinking night. it was nice too , but mario's birthday itself, we were busy to move things, so we went to Tokyo for a day. We just hand around, seeing few museums,IMG_3073 then we took dinner with acrobat show. It was really nice in a sence it organized by Japanese . we had a nice day for relax and refill our cultural imput.IMG_3077

Last week there was a nice dance workshop and concert of rajastern (Indian )music and dance.I really enjoyed to dance!their dance and music is essencial sourse for framenco or gypsy music, really nice beat and nice people were they. IMG_3101

Last tuesday, we just took a car ferry to IZU , Ishan was so happy to go Banana& Alligator farm.IMG_3140

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