9 Jan


I have read the book below.
It was not interesting one because there weew lots of pride of writer himself.
The only words I remember is "making human itself makes his reliance".

エースの品格 (小学館文庫)
エースの品格 (小学館文庫)
24 Dec

So this is Christmas

There was a fireworks event held at Odaiba Tokyo.
I saw the fireworks from the window of my car alone.

So this is Christmas.
Happy Christmas for you.
18 Dec

Played golf with my colleagues(Dec.18)

I played golf with my colleagues from Management Planning Department at Ichihara-City Chiba -Prefecture.
My score were first-half 64,second half 58 and gross score 122.
It is the worst score in 4th querter of 2011.

I have to practice it more and more because I have no talent of playing sports.

My teacher in Berlitz who worked for golf-gear marketing section of Nike Co., told me that playing golf needed players to have confidence.
18 Dec

Taking Command by Ex-Dragons Manager

This is the first book review in English.
I bought this book after Japan-Series.

It is an interesting book for Dragons Fans but it is not for others.
That's all that I felt after reading it.

17 Dec

Going Berlitz to study English

I went to Berlitz to study English today.
The last time I went there is 3 months ago.

It is hard for me to speak only English for 40 minutes as 1 lesson.
Today I took 2 lessons(80 minutes).

Today's topic was "Riding an Airplane" but I became to be able to do only check-in today.

I and the teacher talked about something not ralated to the topic.
About hometown,golf,his kids,my company,job and so on.

I say good night now because I will be playing golf with my colleagues tomorrow at Chiba-prefecture.

I am looking forward to result of TOEIC test I took last Thursday.

Oh,last Friday I attended a Go-Con party with university students(20 years old girls)!!
4 Dec

I gave a speech at a wedding party at Tokoname-City,Aichi-Prefecture.

I stayed Aichi-prefecture to join a wedding party of my friend at Tokoname-city nearby Centrair Airport.
I gave a speech to him and people who join the party with nervous heart and trembling legs.
I put the message for him that given by me at the party below.


 非常に慎重な性格の殿は安心感抜群です。愛知いると車移動が多いのですが、安全運転かつとてつもない数の抜け道を知っており、不安になることが一切ありません。ハワイ旅行で買い物に出かけたとき、『試着したい』と言い出した殿に勇気を出してexcuse meと声をかけてみろとけしかけたところ、慎重な殿は何度も私と発音の練習。満を持して店員さんに話しかけたところ「はい、どうしました」と日本人の店員に日本語で返されたことも慎重さをよく表しております。



Congratulation Hiroshi!
3 Nov

I played golf with my colleagues at Kisarazu

Today, 3 November, is the holiday that is for the first time of this 3 weeks.
The latest holiday was 10 October because of Accounting settlement.
We, accounting department, make financial statements quarterly.
I was pretty busy to make them.

The golf score was first half 58, second half 49, and total 107.
I did too many pats on the green,42 times.

There is the chance to revenge the day after tomorrow.
I will play golf with my father and his friend at Aichi.

My goal is playing under 100 score.
2 Nov

I have joined Facebook

I have joined Facebook.
I cannot understand how to handle it and enjoy it.
Is there no friends in my life?
30 Oct

Socond day of education program and attended home party

Today is the second day of English education program.
The program was going only in English.

I learned "generous listenning skill" and "positive speaking skill" needed as leadership.
"Assertiveness" has similar meaning.
Listenning makes me tired..

After that, I attended a home-party of my friend at his home nearby Hirai station with having gift of Mandarin-oriental-Tokyo.
He will get married in March with cute and great girlfriend.

Have great days with lovely wife!
29 Oct

Will stay in New York

Long time no see,guys.

I will stay in New York city in February(from 4th Feb. to 4th March)2012 as a trainnee of English education program of my company.
(Other goal of that program is to get a mind of leadership my company expects.)

Today and tomorrow I join the pre-study program at my company.

Listening English all the day makes me tired.

I write this blog as often as possible,Miyashin and Kawamu.

Good night with my childish English!
MOHI's Days is NOW Passing!!


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