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It's IA's 9th and ONE's 6th birthdays (its still Jan 27 where I live)!! I wanted to make this post about how much I love IA and ONE for how far they've come as idols (\(*゚∀゚)/)

I was introduced to IA way back in elementary school, I was super drawn to her design and LOVED the song "I'm sorry for liking you" by UtataP (I still think its one of my fav IA songs to this day). It's so nostalgic to think about IA, when I used to go to Otakuthon my favourite part would be the 1st place booth full of IA and ONE merchandise ^_^ From those days I have a t-shirt, IA choker necklace, lots of cards, and the popbuddies plush! (I regret not buying her V3 voicebank back then!) on my phone I have the official IA app archived from the app store (its gone now, so I need to find a way to back up the file onto my computer ;-;) aaaand I was sooo hyped for IA/VT colorful when it was announced! I'm very lucky to own the game now

As for ONE, I was introduced to her even before she released! Back on vocaloidotaku I think I saw her announcement/design there first. I love ONE a lot!! I like that she's a little more tomboyish than IA and I really like her voice, it's sooo cute.

It's really amazing to see IA and ONE as virtual youtubers now, its crazy they started off as vocaloid/cevio banks respectively and now they're like... real idols? Imagine if Miku had a virtual youtuber broadcast, then she would have some canon traits, which kind of ruins her piapro philosophy. What I love about Miku is that she is a blank slate, but what I love about IA and ONE is that they have personalities, like real idols.


Image from the live broadcast. Copyright 1st Place I guess
Ahhh why is the pic blurry?! Click on it to see it!!

A third ARIA sister!! Wow, you wouldn't believe how happy I was ;u;
This is really exciting, I can't wait to see more about her!! I wonder about her name and voice. I also wonder why she's wearing a mask, maybe that's just before she's really revealed.

Dang, this post was such a ramble. I just wanted to show my love for the ARIA project, I am really excited to see what 1st Place does next ^_^

Happy birthday ARIA twins!! (well, triplets now I guess)

What, livedoor has emoticons? How did I not know this before
Time to spice up this post!

Finally, it's winter break. No more school for the next few weeks :D
I have a looong backlog of posts I'd like to make so let's hope I can get myself to do them.

In the meantime, this is my first purchase made with money after getting my first job ^^
The pay isn't very good, but I don't have any bills so it doesn't really matter anyways.
I got these items shipped over to me back in November, but I wrapped and put them all under the tree so I couldn't really see them until Christmas(′∀`)
IMG_5712 (3)

Idk why the pic is so blurry... you should click on it :D

In the music department, I am thankful to introduce 4 new albums to my collection!!
First one I am sooo excited to finally own is MagiQute!! by various artists featuring Nanahira on vocals!
This album is awesome because many popular vocaloP's (kikuo, task, owataP, cleantears, etc) are a part of it, and I love Nanahira's singing :D I hope to have more denpa albums in my collection in the future. This one in particular I've been listening to since 9th grade, so it's very nostalgic to me.

Next is another denpa album actually! But this time it's touhou remixes: TOHO Innocent Beat! by Innocent Key!! I discovered this album kinda recently when I was looking for some denpa albums to download. My fav tracks are フランちゃんのお遊戯地獄 (#8), and Rabbit Panic!! ~兎的マイライフ~ (#10!)

Next is a classic, Kikuo Miku! I got this album because Kikuo's song "We Should Not Do Bad Things" (that's the english title, am too lazy to copy paste the japanese) is veeeery nostalgic to me (has been a fav song since like... grade 7 or something crazy like that) so in order to preserve the song, I just had to own the CD. Also, Infinite Dreamer is on here too! But I knew about that song from another album (Circle Jerk Galactic, which I am searching for heavily >_>) Kikuo is all-around enjoyable, so of course I will still appreciate all of the songs on it (・∀・)

Okok last is an album I came across just by chance when browsing suruga-ya! Good 2 Go!! featuring various artists. Except these artists are all amazing!! We got konkon, TYS, and one of my favourite producers of all time: kagomeP!! It doesn't matter what compilation it is, if kagomeP and co. are on it, it's an instant-buy for me. Ripped the CD to flac right away and I am enjoying it a lot :3
I want to make a seperate post about this album, since it is so diverse in genre.

Now for something a little different: I bought doujinshi! It's called "Sweet Day" and is illustrated by Adumi Kazuki from the circle ComeThrough.
(Beware because I think this circle does mostly hentai doujinshi so don't click on those links unless you're alone! This doujinshi in particular is completely SFW, so don't worry :D)

When I went to an anime con as a child I went to a small shop that sold a lot of bootlegs, and I bought a wall scroll that had the cover of this doujin on it, just really faded out and low-quality. So I've known about this doujinshi for a while since I've had the bootleg scroll in my room for the past 5 years haha. (A mystery though... you see those dark stripes behind Remi and Flan? Well the bootleg wall scroll doesn't have them at all, so I wonder what illustration they used to make it) Anyways it's nice to own the official doujinshi that my bootleg wall scroll copied from! Now I can throw away the bootleg scroll without feeling nostalgic.

Last but waaaay not least... an item I have been trying to get my hands on ever since it released in Japan back in 2015: IA/VT -Colorful- Crystal Box!! I have a lot of vocaloid IA merchandise from over the years, because I noticed that 1st Place is putting a lot of work into her and ONE. I scored this limited edition set for about $50, not bad at all considering the contents and goodies inside!
I won't go into detail because I want to make a seperate post about it soon, but let's just say I am very lucky to have this box so many years after it has released ^_^

Just wanted to add-- this was my first time using suruga-ya's english website and shipping service instead of my go-to proxy FromJapan. Holy hell, they charged me like $40 for shipping, because they force you to use DHL or super expensive express shipping. With my proxy, I always choose the cheapest and slowest option to save money, so I don't think I'll be using suruga-ya english ever again xD at least I got my packages in less than a month, I was surprised.

WOooOOO alright that's my weeb haul for christmas, and my first weeb haul since becoming a wageslave! Technically, I can add this: got a switch for christmas and I bought Project Diva: Megamix and all DLC last night. That's my most expensive game purchase since... maybe spyro trilogy collectors edition on PS1 (which was $90) but it comes with so many songs, and I'm happy it has all of my favourites from Project Diva Extend, my fav game in the series.

Thanks for reading my wall of text where I freak out over cute anime girls and music, and I hope you had a nice christmas, reader (☆゚∀゚)

My first official review during quarantine! I hope everyone is staying safe and sound indoors :3

I reviewed the Konata version of the okiraku box around 2 years ago this month, so let's talk about Kagami's version!!

The Kagami box contains the same items as Konata's box but with differences.

Just like Konata's box, this box was released by Kadokawa in September of 2007 and the price was 2,940 yen (like ~$30). This box contains 4 items:
  • A small Kagami figure
  • The "Okiraku Guidebook" (A5 sized, 32 pages)
  • CD-ROM with screensavers and other desktop goodies
  • Kagami's student notebook

Part 1: The figure


She has such a sassy pose compared to Konata lol, but I love it. Her head twists around easily because of her hairstyle, she's sooo adorable. Along with Konata, she lives beside my monitor.

Part 2: The guidebook

I didn't show photos of every page in the Konata book because it will take up too much space, so unfortunately I'll have to do the same here.

The contents are identical to Konata's except now it's all precious Kagami :D
  • A poem by Kagami
  • Info on the Lucky Star manga, including Kagami concept art and a colour palette
  • Info on all the Lucky Star video games, with some more concept art (the games were Moe Drill, Moe Drill Tabidachi, and Ryouou Gakuen Outousai)
  • Info on the Lucky Star anime, with more concept art and character sheets of Kagami
  • Reference images for Kagami's bedroom and other outfits of hers
  • 10 Q&As for Kagami
  • Info and some art/photos of the figurine it came with
  • Info about the CD and how to install
  • Four 4-koma comics (pictured below)


Part 3: CD-ROM Goodies!!

You guys know how much I love desktop goodies... let's jump right in :D
Remember that if you're running Windows 10, extract the files using 7zip or something and run the programs like that, because the installer will not work.

  • Wallpapers (15, 2 sizes)
  • Screensavers (2)
  • Lucky Star: Moe Drill soundtrack (21 tracks??? That's 11 more than Konata's!)
  • Mini-games and misc goodies

First, here are the wallpapers! All unique to this box luckily:

Screensaver 1, with the animated sparkles:

Screensaver 2, with characters scrolling across (not all characters can be seen in this one pic):

(Notice that the characters featured in Kagami's box are different than the ones in Kona-chan's box)

Okay, now the fun part! The desktop goodies!
So, it's ALMOST identical to the Konata box goods, except the featured characters and images are different. We have a Kagami clock, calendar (background can be changed), a timer with Misao, a calculator with Hikaru Sakuraba, a digital clock where you can change the character, a sticky note program, and a photo frame where you can click through illustrations.

The next couple of things I had to do some research on because I wasn't sure what they were for:

The widget on the left is a fortune telling widget that bases your fortune on the moon phase, I think. So it will read the age of the moon's phase. It seems to be off though, I checked online and the current moon phase is 13.4 days old, but Kagami says 11.6. I wonder how it determined that.
The widget on the right is for Omikuji! You click the box with the numbered sticks inside and Kagami and Tsukasa (dressed adorably in miko clothes) give you the fortune. I don't think the game gives any curses, cuz I clicked it a few times and only got blessings, maybe I'm just lucky. It's really cute that Kagami's box came with all this fortune-telling software lol

Okay last on the CD are the games! There are a few, and they're different than the ones from the Konata box:

First is a memory game where you need to recreate the pattern that they show on screen for a few seconds, next is a memory game where cards are flipped and you need to match the pairs. It's actually pretty hard since they only give you 5 turns to do it, haha. Just like with Konata's box, we also have 2 versions of the typing game, one with Kagami and the other with Minami.

Lastly, the music player. Soooo, the label of the songs say they're also from the DS game Moe Drill Tabidachi (萌えドリル~旅立ち~)but they are 21 new songs not found on Konata's Moe Drill music player, and they have actual names for the songs, not stuff like BGM04, BGM05 and so on. I really need more information here before I say something wrong, haha. Well, all I know for sure is that both Konata and Kagami's music players are music from the Moe Drill game.

Part 4: Kagami's student notebook

It has the same contents of the Konata student book!

  • Educational code of conduct (basically school rules)
  • Class schedule
  • Address book (room for 7 contacts)
  • Notepad with 18 blank pages
  • School safety rules
  • Commute records (translated as "Copy of the school commuter pass insurance")
  • Kagami's ID
  • Kagami's info, like name, address, homeroom (but most of it is empty)

Just like the Konata box I am so happy with this piece of lucky star merchandise!
Honestly, the okiraku boxes are so fun and I am very lucky to own them :D
WHen I was a kid I was sad that there was no download available online for the CD goodies from this box, so I will be sure to upload them somewhere soon so lucky star fans today can enjoy them. I just need to find a good place to host the download ^^; (leave a suggestion if u want)

I also bought this box off suruga-ya back in May 2020 (it is now November as I finish this... yes I know, pathetic!! really tho, ive been enrolled in classes all year, im really dead (´;ω;`)) and it was around $3 just like the Konata box.
To all lucky star fans out there, I hope you can find one, because it is awesome :D

Long time no see :D I feel like I say that all the time when I post, but seriously, I haven't been here in a while.
I bought some stuff from suruga-ya with my christmas money, and it finally came in!
The package was late by a few more weeks than I expected so I was so anxious it got lost in the mail, I'm so glad everything arrived safely. Hey! It's my first blogpost of 2020 too yay ヾ(´ω`=´ω`)ノ

So, I got the second Lucky Star Okiraku box, the Kagami version! I would like to make a post about it like the post I made about the Konata one here! So I'll save other photos of the box for when I write about it.

Next, I got a super cool album by HikkieP/ヒッキーP, Eutopia!! I've been listening to this album for so many years and I've been scouting suruga-ya for a physical copy for a long time, I'm so glad I finally found one :D This album's style is really unique, so I'd like to do a full post about it in the future.
Finally, another game I can play on my PS2 from Japan, ゲームになったよ!ドクロちゃん〜健康診断大作戦〜 (It's a Game Now! Dokuro-chan: Great Health Diagnosis Strategy). This game is based off the anime Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan. I really liked the show when I watched it, so when I saw the game for cheap I immediately put it in my cart (´▽`) This is the limited edition of the game, even though it doesn't come with as many goodies as the Lucky Star limited edition games did I'm still glad I got it. This item is also getting its own post sometime ;3


And lastly, the coolest thing of them all, figures of the OS-tan girls! On instagram I've been following a lot of figure accounts, and that's where I heard about this adorable set. My favourite OS-tan girl is ME-tan and I'm so glad I have a little figure of her on my desk :D
The set also comes with XP-tan and 96-tan. It's supposed to come with Win2k-tan, but my package came used and the last owner decided to keep her. No matter! I'll just have to buy her seperately someday. It also did not come with the magazine it should come with, but I already found it on suruga-ya for a couple dollars so I will order it right away.
So, that's my newest haul from 2 months ago. A lot has happened since the last time I posted here. Now that my school is closed due to COVID-19 I will try and post more~

Btw, I made a myfigurecollection account for my collections, but it's taking forever to add all of my things to the "owned" tab, I'll finish soon, hopefully

While summer is still nice, let's review a summer-themed figure! This is figma Tsukasa Hiiragi, released by GSC in 2008-ish. Yeah, it's 2019 and i'm talking about figures from 2008. This blog isn't cut out for a real audience if you couldn't tell (´;ω;`) Let's bask in the great otaku nostalgia that is Lucky Star!!
I got this wonderful figure from AN 2019, for only $7.50. Seriously, I haven't gotten a figure that cheap except the miku append figma someone from /cgl/ gave me for free (also at AN, just my luck). Of course, the first thing I did when I brought her home was clean up her joints cuz there was some dirt here and there. Another thing, she came with a NENDOROID BASE, not a figma base. I was a bit disappointed at first but hey, I don't have space on my main shelf for more figma anyways.

Tsukasa is such a cutie! She comes with 5 different hands: open fingers, clenched, holding (you can insert accessories in her hands but I don't have any for figma except Miku 2.0's microphone), thumbs up, and pointing. She also comes with a hand that's holding her school bag. It's just so adorable. She also comes with 3 faces: Normal, flustered, and a custom face you can make with stickers. I tried my best at it, but it was hard wwww



Her skirt is made of a flexible material just like Miku 2.0, where you can try and pose her to sit. It's a bit difficult to get her to stay up when sitting but it still helps if you're trying to do dynamic poses.
Now, as much as I love Tsukasa, she isn't my ultimate favourite character in the anime. The reason I picked up this figma was for Hiyori Tamura, of course!! Hiyori has always been my favourite character, and this is her figma~ Honestly, I didn't know that the summer uniform girls came with alternate character heads, now I want to buy all of them ;u; As soon as I get a job, I'll put aside a buyfag fund for myself.

Even though this figma lacks accessories, having two characters instead of just one makes up for it, at least for me. Nowadays, Hiyori holds my tablet pen on my computer desk:

(Ignore the derpy IA)