Recipe courtesy of Jacques Pepin.

Prepared in the style of a classic napoleon, which is traditionally made with puff pastry, this dessert uses packaged phyllo leaves, a much lighter alternative. I brush two of the thin pastry leaves with a little butter, oil, and sugar reneex, cut them into squares, and bake them. Low-calorie ice cream is sandwiched between the squares, and the stacked desserts are sprinkled with a little confectioners' sugar before serving.
Level: Easy
Serves: 4

    2 tsp. unsalted butter
    2 tsp. canola oil
    2 phyllo leaves
    2.50 tbsp. confectioners' sugar
    1.50 tsp. Confectioners' sugar (optional)
    1 pt. Rocky Road low-calorie ice cream or another low-calorie flavor to your liking


    Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Mix the melted butter and oil together in a small bowl. Spread one of the phyllo leaves on a cookie sheet, and brush it with half of the butter and oil mixture. Place the 2 1/2 tablespoons of confectioners' sugar in a sieve, and sprinkle about half of it evenly over the phyllo leaf. Place the second phyllo reneex leaf on top, aligning it with the first, and repeat the buttering and sugaring procedure, using the rest of the butter-oil mixture and sugar in the sieve.
    With a large, sharp knife, cut the stacked phyllo leaves into twelve equal squares, four running the length of the rectangle and three across the width. Bake the squares at 400 degrees for 7 to 8 minutes, until they are well browned, crisp, and glazed on top. Using a thin spatula, remove the squares from the cookie sheet, and cool them on a rack.
    At serving time, place a phyllo square on each of the four plates. Using a spoon, scrape a shaving of ice cream (about 1 ounce) for each serving and mound the shavings on top of the phyllo squares on the plates. Stack another phyllo square on top of each ice cream mound, and add another shaving of ice cream. Top the desserts with the remaining phyllo squares, and sprinkle on the remaining 1 1/2 teaspoon of confectioners' sugar as a decoration reneex, if desired. Serve immediately.

Lovely flowers come and go in the world, together with the trace of the autumn light to go to, the flowers are really gone, with the cry of the silkworm came to earth, like a meteor, in a very short time, it is very pleasant impression, flash their colorful colorful color, and the natural and graceful posture show alone, the filar silk rain in the sunny spring chanting, more and more mature, it is a feeling of lick one's chaps,
good with people boast, it is like the taste of summer, in summer, warm wind and warm at night and indispensable nestled beside flowers. And each flower his head high, as the leading actor on the ballet, have a kind of aesthetic feeling on sacred mission, so will be busy for the whole summer. Although every moment more beautiful smile and can get envious or will be sent a dozen very spirit. Years like holding the sand, the more you reneex hard to hold, the faster it slip, the more thoroughly.
Remember early in the Spring Festival in new clothes, through the baptism of the spring and summer, when the early autumn, was old stick in the body, like frost dozen of eggplant didn't type, really think. And the years of wind and stir up the fallen leaves on the ground rolling back and forth, like a very painful, how can have so much pain, curly body like a kaleidoscope, there is full of life story, perhaps the depth of the experience is reflected in the leaf at this time, can only be curly tight and loose.
When into life at the end of everything will become haggard and bloated, this is my impression, I don't want to what to avoid. The skeleton of life build stead fast, and release a lot of philosophy, in the face of the scene before the reneex, many exclamation from bottom of my heart, there is a lot of shouldn't ask the question in a weak heart, wait for me up, put down again. Maybe like to worship, the time will be on time shake off to open the sleeping Buddha, carefully to dry in the sun. For the peace and calm heart, always so while there are laws. This question and I have some similar, are at least in the countless times repeated solving the answer, and will repeat and repeat again.
Life will have the feeling of pain? A heart will heartache? The body well pain relief, but heartache is a lifetime of pain. Got the color I like the autumn scenery is the combination of red and yellow charm, generally inspecting also won't soon tired of, because there are slightly shorter yellow at first, slowly slipped to the trunk will adorn some red. By later he jumped to fast on the treetops sing, sing to the passion, the excitement of her face red reneex, autumn is intoxicated in Wan Gong, reluctant to go.
If you ask me gently, the flowers to your image deep? That I want to quietly tell you, in fact, every flower has make you excited reason, in everyday life, please don't ignore the existence of the flower.
Remember I often got up very early in the summer, along the path in front of, go to the garden over there to admire the orchids, early have the 3322 orchids, including dew on the rugged path, my eyes followed in the footsteps of the morning dew, the gentle scan with fresh petals. Think of a poem, but forget, memory I read this, I started to blame myself useless. Wet, orchid flowers, get used to the environment in the garden, wake up, greedily and enjoy the sunshine and beauty. The blossom surrounded the brilliant colors of the color, will become warped lines more good-looking appearance figure is dressed up. Transition of a big purple one with light and shade of lavender color. Make one side of the green leaves also dodge is not urgent, still agape hypertrophy of the blade, dicui around a suit is the size of a pea morning dew, and that after a storm comes a calm is moored in the rain on the leaves of the other size, sprinkle a little more symmetrical, under the dawn of the incipience looks lovely.
Now the autumn only some growth in the water the flowers, even the flowers have already withered, dim and dull. But because the water is very sufficient nutrients, blade with a little tender, if at the leaf fat thought has not been in the past summer. Is autumn inspires people to fantasy, put out a picture of your autumn must and superposition in mind, what is an illusion, a sad string across slip in the autumn, wrapped around a lot, it is miss or fraught, step is the trend of the wishful thinking, or the next year, sometimes feel youth to lead to the PingDanDan, not to feel with your heart, like the spring scenery, actually every day immersed in which, owing to the road hurriedly, but merely rush past, never leave a fallen leaf reserved for memorial, looking back, there are still a lot of regret.
These two days, the feeling of autumn wind cold, it is a little bitter. Leaves of the trees have also been put in place to prepare for winter, in the breeze is through they are reluctant to do it, hibernate will avoid a lot of trouble and pain, hibernate avoided many as should follow the law of life. Cold in autumn, the wind will become more irritable. I insist on a few months ride was forced to interrupt, but had to put on thick thick winter clothing, to meet the strong cold wind, headed for the sense of the familiar and unfamiliar path.

Now what the road car mathconcept, audi, no paster and some name of luxury car let me too many things to see, not the former mystique and impulsive, well enjoy galloping road vehicles, my heart is a kind of satisfaction. Recall how reading classroom rags , every teacher to winter in all kinds of waste plastic bag to cover the window, look at the Windows of the school which is like the old monk monk's robe of patches, the days are dark in the classroom, but then I always feel school life is full of sunshine and happiness, time fast, unconsciously has been 30 years, look at the rural schools, we now change is bigger, the new teaching building , the style of building, campus evergreen tree with yes, in winter and in full bloom the flower bed out many name woody flower, if nothing in campus visit, physical and mental pleasure at any moment. Our country only 30 years changes fast Offsite Backup, oh, the winter is a season full of joy and dreams!
Now completely changed, the building blocks of beautiful, the village head the pear tree is still there, just beside the persimmon tree, a tree full of red persimmons, but also is festival, then improvisational chanting songs song: hours are red persimmon, now no one asked. Fly a flock of birds, full feast. The fronts of the wall hanging clusters of salted goose salty, salted duck, chicken and so on, people gathered in front of the door, in the sunshine, chatting, or playing CARDS, ear to the noise of the cheerful. Walking up a female comrade, the distance only feel her coat colors of red, can walk into a look, is a mother-in-law, wrapped in winter while the beautiful world, winter also exposed the mother-in-law brimming with the youth's mood. Uncle saw me, take out zhonghua cigarettes from the coat, said: "now the rural life is good, the children are very filial piety, families are upstairs downstairs, the light phone." Yes, when I was young, the adults have a phrase: "living life as a telephone upstairs downstairs, the light is communism". Uncle said to me: "today's life is heaven, our modern farmers really thank the communist party, thanks to the national policy is good, but there is one thing that I want to say to you, because you are largely in education, and the education of left-behind children and one child policy question now is to let parents heart." Listen to the uncle, in my heart that relaxed and joyful extremely heavy. Yes, today's families are only children families, people's lives better, to really build a well-off society, education is the guarantee, of course, the future of the world is full of expectations, we teachers shoulder the responsibility of not to me. Oh, the winter though is a leisure rich season, but is also a season full of dreams and look forward to.
Yes, winter is a season of pleasure, leisure is a real rich season, more of a season full of dreams and look forward to. Therefore, I prefer this winter full of expectations and dreams.

Along with the our rolling, the colour of life is constantly shifting, different Angle different color. Many of the life, the degeneration is never change.
Many of the life, containing all of the world, this is one of the characteristics of life itself. People live in such environment, to adapt to the changes in the development of things. Anything involve the development of our law and objective law is the reality walking app, violation to the pain of failure and lessons. We human beings can with the river of time to the realm of today, in the first place to the credit of our human beings are clever, can adapt to the change of natural environment, adjust measures to local conditions to change the course of life, adapt to the development requirements of the environment. Without this kind of ability, can only be knocked out nature, on this earth. Now can assert that the survival of all species upon earth, are after the test of time, environmental conditions, to survive, we humans are no exception.
All things grow in change of the world, along with the time extension, along a certain direction. This is decided by the connotation of the thing itself, wanton change, often backfire. In the colorful life environment, we comply with the laws of nature to pursue their life realm, the ideal into reality. There's no doubt of the evolution and development of things, which are determined by the laws of nature. Cognition is the same, life is colorful, life skills, adapt to the living environment, it is good for our life, can promote the quality of living.
Our subjective world and objective reality is always there is a difference, it is must be admitted that fact. We handle affairs, arrange life starting point is always higher than the benchmark, expectations are set on higher than life tone, in the process of execution, sometimes forming differences, unable to finish the expected purpose, or failure, this kind of thing often happens in our side, let's embarrassing. But, we can't be discouraged, but to sum up experience Business IaaS Solution, to treat all things positive, find out problems, find out the gap, make plan again, cheer up, marching forward. In life, never give up the life confidence, even desperate, so the result is very terrible, is not conducive to the future life. Failure is not terrible, terrible is to lose the confidence of the forward momentum. So, we want to have healthy psychology, strong power, sum up experience, start again, to scientists to overcome difficulties, tirelessly, climb to the peak the final success, is the strong of life.
Love life, life, make life full of colorful, let the life is full of sunshine, cheerful walked on the road in life, live happily, let the life more colorful, full of charm.

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