"Silent Night" is one of the most widely sung Christmas songs, however, and the long history of Christianity to more than business center, the song spread very short, less than 200 years since the birth. Mozart's hometown of Salzburg in Austria, near the little town called Oberndorf, a small town there is a little-known village chapel St. Nicholas. 1818 Christmas Eve church priest Joseph Mohr lyricist, unknown music teacher Franz Xaver Gruber composer of "Silent Night" was supposed to perform in the church. Hateful organ is out of the question, it seems to be really Christmas Eve Silent. At this time, the priest Jizhongshengzhi, let the music teacher adapted for Guitar emergency.

This inadvertently move, making Christmas Eve is no longer silent, but also makes the whole world on Christmas Eve undergone permanent change, because the organ mechanic Karl Mauracher heard two men after the song is very like it New Face Beauty Facial, put the song back to their residence local Fügen. There are two local Strasser and Rainer family choir, they often toured across Europe, making the song spread throughout Europe. 1839, Rainers song again brought to the United States, in New York, Wall Street, Trinity Church Concerts, far from popular in the world, became the Christmas Eve, the Christmas season or even the whole song reservations essential. Slowly, the church is also commonly known as the Silent Night Chapel Silent Night chapel.

This summer, talk a walk to visit the famous German town, Michigan Frankenmuth, I stumbled even here there. This is a small town famous person Wally Bronner ideas. During the European tour in 1976, Wally went to visit stand quietly Oberndorf chapel. When you know the story of Christmas Eve, he immediately have a kind of thanksgiving to God for inspiration. Later, in coordination with the permission of the government and the German town of Oberndorf, he finally in 1992, as is built in imitation of the chapel hair loss. Little church, octagonal, with a dome, there are windows fitted silk painting, a kind of character in front of the word Christmas Eve song spectrum, is one of the famous attractions in the German town.

TechCrunch parties have a history of being the place you want to meet your future investor, acquirer or co-founder. Case in point, when TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington used to hold these events in his Atherton back yard, Box founders Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith met one of their first investors, DFJ. And in 2010, we spotted 500 Startups’ Dave McClure writing a check to then-stealthy startup Tello, which was bought by Urban Airship .

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Box announces former Apple, Cisco exec Stephanie Carullo will succeed Dan Levin as COO

— which has backed startups like Airbnb, Dropbox and Stripe — has launched a basic minimum income initiative in Oakland, traveled across the country to take its political pulse, and toyed with the idea of running for Governor in California. Those efforts have culminated in Altman’s United Slate for California and, potentially, America Load Balancing.

The new initiative, which Altman launched today, is a combination of a political platform and a call for candidates that the 32-year-old tech millionaire can support in their bids for governor, lieutenant governor, and Congress.

Altman tells me he chose that potential slate because those races had a long enough lead-time for his participation to make a difference. Beyond the electoral focus, Altman also had a rationale for his initial concentration on the state of California HKUE ENG.

In an era where the Federal government is relegating more responsibilities to the states, California, as the world’s sixth largest economy and the most populous state in the country, can have an outsized role on impacting the national political landscape, Altman says.

I've seen a abandoned baby cat, trunk,  early already could not tell the difference between the original color nuskin hong kong, don't watch carefully, and this can't see a cat. Before I put my hand in the food in its mouth, it is still lying there, only the quivering slightly melon seeds prove that it is still in breathing. It, in the struggle, hard struggle, she was afraid of that a little slack, will the sleeping forever. Although, this world full of tragedy, but it also don't want to leave, go to the paradise of the unknown.

But god had spilled on earth a handful of charity and compassion. They get a little comfort. Once, in the town of classy car , it was early in the morning, was moisture soak overnight the tarmac almost no pedestrians, seem to be very cold. I a person on the side of the road to pacing. Shame shame to find, intermittent has four dogs round behind in the nearby disappeared into the woods. Curious, immediately turned around to see along while also didn't see.

Still the same before closing the door of the hotel. Before long, zhi to a door, opened it. A middle-aged woman fatter, end with a basin of leftovers, slowly coming to here. Stopped before a pile of stones on the right side of the door, put the leftovers in a heap on a few broken POTS inside, and quietly left. Then, have ErSanZhi don't know where the dog, timidly together in the past, the Wolf down to get up. See more let a person afflictive, let a person sympathy , let a person touched.