Inspiration in the tip of the finger seam pen , is the most beautiful moment in your lonely heart retain. Lonely heart is a snowdrop Everest thousands of years, and would rather aloof, comfortable life rather than a fair death honors the whole life in the bowl, a pen and ink color in the condensation of yingshu. Life upright, sword refers to the heaven of Lin however calmly, loneliness is your appearance, inner is a world of desire, only to be anointed unchanging word love.
Each man has his own pride, it is the jewel hidden Intellectual Property Management in general. Stand in the deep valley, realize the cycle of life between flowers bloom, drink dew wind, bird-watching stargazing, sigh a month full moon lacks, longed for butterfly FeiFeng dance. Your pride in the wind, spread your wings and fly, the blue sky you can fly higher and further. the literati straight full sail, braving the.
Through the ages, scholars all alone. Beggar your attachment between the world of mortals kiss xiu, knife sword rain wind gun Lin, your perspective a blood rain, wind and frost embrace the world. Hammering, you put the typography, take the lead, you use chu. Face upwards, this is your lonely between mountains and waters, your loneliness in unique romance, your loneliness in du kang. You poetic life, poetic, you poetic life, so you are destined to loneliness.
Hide in the ocean of words, you fight the waves, impeccable The shore, bloomy spring back happy footprints on the beach, again and again to refresh, leave take not to go. Some words, some emotional, some memory over the text screen, dissipate all lonely. Open your lonely heart, literati following years, each New Year, your heart is lonely in the melody of the eternal. Lonely seeds, in one thousand, in the long river of history, flowing your lonely historic spread in the text.