In plain clothes of I, such as in the ancient city of the illusory, ren, and the years, blowing in the wind and rain. I wen wan, eternal life together Dream beauty pro! A stupid gaze, time on both sides, I gently a smile was so lonely, the youth with twirls dance down, also put the thoughts, listen to the string, cry! Snow month wind flowers, empty relies on the west wing, who in the world of mortals, having the autumnal decayed, jump sighed years into ruin?

If this one season or disc with red, also can have becomes gentle, will you stay for me? If, this time you with a cycle, not memory the ghosting, separation of the life will have? Sentient beings, because the body in this! Xu heart, in ShanMeng! Looking back in the past, once in the peach blossom road, colorful colorful past how much Dream beauty pro? And how many comings and goings of linger a visitor?

Wither of dust, it is, therefore, that a clinging with short and long. Flowers bloom and shake to drag the softness and silently miss, Missed frames at this life, the wind, five hundred, five hundred and rain, five hundred years of vicissitudes of life cycle, the incense of original, can be set in? Moon spring flowers can be in Dream beauty pro? The emotion of encroaching world of mortals, stumbles.