I've seen a abandoned baby cat, trunk,  early already could not tell the difference between the original color nuskin hong kong, don't watch carefully, and this can't see a cat. Before I put my hand in the food in its mouth, it is still lying there, only the quivering slightly melon seeds prove that it is still in breathing. It, in the struggle, hard struggle, she was afraid of that a little slack, will the sleeping forever. Although, this world full of tragedy, but it also don't want to leave, go to the paradise of the unknown.

But god had spilled on earth a handful of charity and compassion. They get a little comfort. Once, in the town of classy car , it was early in the morning, was moisture soak overnight the tarmac almost no pedestrians, seem to be very cold. I a person on the side of the road to pacing. Shame shame to find, intermittent has four dogs round behind in the nearby disappeared into the woods. Curious, immediately turned around to see along while also didn't see.

Still the same before closing the door of the hotel. Before long, zhi to a door, opened it. A middle-aged woman fatter, end with a basin of leftovers, slowly coming to here. Stopped before a pile of stones on the right side of the door, put the leftovers in a heap on a few broken POTS inside, and quietly left. Then, have ErSanZhi don't know where the dog, timidly together in the past, the Wolf down to get up. See more let a person afflictive, let a person sympathy , let a person touched.