November 05, 2011


Canada Cup Gaming 2011 is comming!!

I am looking forward to the stream.
You can watch the stream here.

A detailed schedule is here.

Canada Cup gogogo!!!

Thank you for Round1 and Singapore!!
This is SPECIAL MOVIE of Momochi and Choco's trip at Singapore.

Thank you for CrossCounterTV, Gootecks, Mike Ross and Fubarduck!!
This is interview of Momochi in Season's Beatings.

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October 14, 2011

Awesome paintings!!!

Hey! check it out
Momochi and I got very wonderful paintings.
These paintings were drawn by
Chris Garcia
and Inci Alper.
              *:--☆--:*:--☆--: Momochi and Cody*:--☆--:*:--☆--: 
                                                                                          by Chris Garcia
      +;。・゚・。;+;☆;+;。・゚・。;+;Choco and Blanka☆;+;。・゚・。;+;☆;+;。・゚・。;+;
                                                                                      by Chris Garcia


 ☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*☆*゚゜゚*☆*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*☆*゚゜゚*☆*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆☆*゚ ゜゚*☆

               ChocoBlanka and Blanka of Choco's coler          
                                                                                         by Inci Alper

We were really really glad. We love them paintings!

Chris Garcia
's web site is here!!

Inci Alper's web site is here!!

Thank you very much!!

OMG!! Chris gave me this painting more! Change color ver!!
Oh...Blanka of my color I really love it!!

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October 10, 2011

Street FighterⅢ 3rdOE

Are you playing 3rd Strike OE?
Please read this, if you do not have, and playing 3rd Strike.
For those who will begin 3rd Strike OE from now, I wrote about the recommended character.

Here are some character recommendation,

Chun Li

The top tier character.
Quite easy to use and if you can hit confirm from and do kara throws,
you should be able to reach a certain level fairly quickly.
With that, by adding how to use your moves, small techniques of 3rd strike and
know the match up you are a decent player already lol
If you want to win systematically, it is recommended for the advanced too.


#2 character who can fight against Chun Li.
His Genei Jin is really strong, and can be used randomly and still be able to pull off some damage from the advantage.
His BnBs are easy, but you will be required to do some improvisation and mix ups at a higher level which needs some experience, so recommended for intermidiate to advanced players.


Recently, he isn't considered as one of the 3 top tier characters, but he is still strong.
With various hit confirmation and kara DP's which may look simple but fascinating and has uniqueness depending on the player who is using him.
It is also a good character to learn the logic of 3rd strike and strong if the player who understands it use him.
He isn't a rush down character and in good balance, so you are required to know match ups. Thus not a character to use to win easily.
I recommend him to anyone from beginner to the experts, but if I think about how solid he is, I recommend him to the beginners and players who just have started playing the game.


One of the scariest characters.
Karakusa is strong. You will be surprised if you imagine the SSF4AE karakusa.
You are still fine even if the opponent dodges it with neutral jumps.
Her normals are good too and can do strong footsies against some characters if you use them effectively.
Her bursting damage, which can beat out many top tiers, are quite attractive, so I recommend her for intermediate players in that sense.


Scary character #2.
His jumps are very sharp and has a huge return, so he gotta be strong. lol
Even Kokujin can win!
The character revolves around wake ups, so you should be able to scare the opponents with the mix ups.
If you like to play mind games, he is a good character to use, but if you are more into solid and stable characters, I won't recommend him.
In the way he is similar to Makoto, so I recommend him for intermediate players.


Sometimes he is called as 3 scariest characters with Makoto and Dudley, but actually it is difficult.
He has the burst, but isn't very good at offense, so you are required to do solid footsies.
His attributes are in with his charge partition and unblockables.
You really have to practice, but has a great potential.
Even without those techniques, he has relatively high stamina and his games are setup dependent. If you have the basics then you can stably win.
However, if you try to be perfect, he is the hardest character to use, so recommended for advanced players.


Compared to the above 6 characters, he may not look that attractive, but he is also very strong.
Though his Tourou Zan isn't as strong as in SSF4AE with the presence of parrying, it is still strong.
Especially EX version has high stun and can brought into a good setups.
Surprisingly, he can go well against Chun Li and if someone who is good with mind games used him,
it is scarier than Yun for Chun Li.
His game plans are clear and he is fairly easy to use so I recommend him to beginners.
Yang's match ups are balanced for against any characters and when used by well skilled player he is
very strong so I recommend him to advanced players too.


As usual, his stun and stamina is the lowest, but has strong attributes.
He has a perfect anti air (DP into SA). If you are used to SSF4 style anti air, and always being parried which drives you insane,
then he is a good choice. lol
His play style is standard, but has high damage and his Raging Demon can't be jumped after super flash which can be used for comebacks.
Recommended to beginner to intermediate players.

These are the recommended characters and others will have hard time winning.

However, character such as Ryu with Denjin or Oro has a chance to win with some uncertainty like parrying.
So you may choose character according to your taste until mid-tier.

However, I seriously don't recommend low tier characters. lol

Sean and Twelve.
Probably Remy too.

If I talk about the specific techniques, it will take some time so I leave it here.

Please use this as a reference if you are new to the game.

by Momochi
<Translated by Daichi Akahoshi>


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Special Thanks!!
★Tetra & Daichi★
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