Guitarrista♪Momoko Nakajima

Kobe, Hyogo-Prefecture, JAPAN ギタリスト中島桃子のブログ  関西・兵庫県/西播磨 -神戸 中島桃子ギター教室

Momoko Nakajima   'Momo'                

1978-Born in Hyogo,Japan.
1988-Started playing the Classic guitar at age 10.

1996-Started taking private lessons from Jiro Yoshikawa(of the pupil of Manuel Cano-Great flamenco guitarist of Granada,Spain),
the leading authority for Concert-flamenco guitar in Japan.

2001-Moved to Spain and studied flamenco guitar at the Fundacion Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco in Sevilla.
After completed its flamenco basic guitar program, traveled to study flamenco and classic guitar in Cordoba, Jerez de la Frontera,Jaen of Andalucia.

2003-Started her performing activities as playing at various events,lives and concerts in live houses,
public settings and temples, teaching in private lessons in Japan.

2004-Released her first self-produced CD (flamenco-based original pieces).
2005-Joined the kid's school project as an instructor.
2006-First guitar recital in Kawanishi-city,Hyogo.(Her hometown)
2007-Second guitar recital in Kawanishi-city,Hyogo.
2008-Classic guitar festival in Ibaraki-city,Osaka.

2009-Flamenco guitar duo concert in Nagoya,Aichi.
Audience award of '3rd Flamenco guitar festival' at Palacio de la guitarra in Ishioka-city,Ibaraki,east Japan.

2010-2012 Every week Live performance show at Bar Baila in Himeji,Hyogo.

2012 First playing at Shimane Pref.
Participated in the long piece document 'Tocaoras' was produced by La Zanfona y La voz que yo amo and written and directed
by Alicia Cifredo was filmed in Andalucia and Madrid,Spain.

She walked approximately 800 kilos on the Camino de Santiago at North Spain
and traveled to south Germany and south France.

2013-Released her self-produced CD 'Beyond the Night'.

Momoko Nakajima is a Guitarist who has been extensively involved with musical activities in local communities in Kansai (West) area of Japan.
Her enthusiasm to express the nature, Japan and feelings of people in her own music moves the audience.

She stops performance activity from 2014 and devotes myself to professor activity.

-Member of Concert flamenco Guitar Association
-BA in Spanish from St.Thomas University, Hyogo,Japan

Momoko Nakajima Official website

■ You can listen to her music click here.

中 島 桃 子 ギ タ ー 教 室  

■ 2016年 12月17日(土) 神戸三宮教室


2016 体験レッスン受付中
  体験レッスン1回45分 3,000円 
  ※ 要申込み


神戸元町 / 中島桃子ギター教室

筑前琵琶奏者 大藪旭晶(おおやぶ きょくしょう)先生の演奏会のご案内です。



第2回 筑前琵琶 ミニコンサート
琵琶百番 大藪旭晶の小宇宙


開場:13:30  開演:14:00

ところ:明石市生涯学習センター 学習室2

Tel&Fax 078(939)3111

第2回目の演目は 赤穂義士の一人 〈大高源吾〉、


筑前琵琶奏者 大藪旭晶のホームページより、