We've just finished our cherry blossom season which all Japanese waited and waited during the very cold winter time. It is cold here in Japan in winter.
It is Syberian cold, though I've never been there!

Now is the time that we can enjoy the new leaves coming out.
Flowers are everywhere.. well.. this time of the year, we can enjoy
azaleas almost everywehere.

Then this time of the year is called 'Golden Week' since we have a lot of concecutive holidays including SHOWA-DAY, constitution day, Childrens' day and saturdays and sundays. If you are lucky enough to use all the weekends as for your holiday, your Golden Week holiday could be as long as 10days or so.

What do Japanese do?

Since the weather is nice, I mean it is not cold or hot right now, people like to hike, enjoy to bath in hotprings, relax at home, going to movies and so on.( ´∀`)つ

This nice weather, however, last only for a month and we will have a rainy season for about a month from the middle of June till the middle of July.

It is not like a shower... it rains from morning till night or from night till morning... literally speaking 24/7 rain... a bit miserable, but this rain is needed to grow rice.

We Japanese are great rice eaters.

And also now it is getting a fashin to wear colorful rain boots.
It is fun to find those rain boots!