Karen Hymer

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ⓒ Karen Hymer

Looking Back : Alternative Photography in the Digital Age:ADORAMA & The Photo Brigade


Looking Back: Alternative Photography in the Digital Age:ADORAMA & The Photo Brigade
Penumbra Foundation

ⓒ Jolene Lupo & geoffreyberliner

Klea McKenna


Klea McKenna
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Klea McKenna: Generation @Gitterman

A new challenge will start

災い転じて福となす。天と人からの贈り物。感謝 !!
思い続ければいつかは形にーーー本当だ 。

JH Engstrom

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「JH Engstrom: Harifran」           「The Frame」
ⓒ The Finnish Museum of Photography     ⓒ galerie Jean-Kenta Gauthier

daikanyama photo fair 2018

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Pati Hill:Collector Daily


Pati Hill with her photocopy art at a New York show in 1979.:The New York Times

▪️ Pati Hill, How Something Can Have Been At One Time And In One Place And Nowhere Else Ever Again:Collector Daily
▪️ passages Pati Hill (1921–2014):ARTFORUM
▪️ Pati Hill:Wikipedia
▪️ pati hill artist:Google

▪️ 複製技術と美術家たち:横浜美術館

Strange Fire:Q&A・Meghann Riepenhoff



ⓒ Strange Fire & Meghann Riepenhoff

A Cornucopia of Calotypes : The William Henry Fox Talbot Catalogue Raisonne


A Cornucopia of Calotypes・Posted on 28th September 2018 by Jaanika Vider:The William Henry Fox Talbot Catalogue Raisonne

Back to the Future : C/O Berlin


 ⓒ C/O Berlin

Foam goes Back to the Future to show cutting-edge contemporary artists alongside photography’s pioneers
:British Journal of Photography

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