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なんと私のブログ、My American Wife~私のアメリカ人の奥さん


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Hi 100% Japanese man here.
Sorry for my late updating
I had many job interview and have to preserve my wife come to Tokyo.
Moreover my work is very busy(sad).

Recently I have watched HEROES.
I know its old drama.

Think about season 1, Hiro and Charlie's talking
I and my wife talking are almost same lol.
I think my wife is more beautiful than Charlie.

I am black hair, she is blond hair.
My English, her Japanese.

They are really same us.

I =  Eiken grade 2 ( almos 10 years before)
she= JLPT N3

But we are married.
We can communicate.
We can understand how we think.

Language is not purpose but way.
My purpose is to live grate life with my wife.
so I study hard to study English.

eh?Do you want to know how we met?
Ok you can add my blog your favoirte.

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