about domatsuri

The previous night show fascinate spectator very gay,
29 teams dancer who won whitin tenth last year and invited team
fascinated spectator on gay stage,Island country in the Caribbean
sea ,Trinidad and Tubago, drum orchestra joined first time,
They heated up the stage with powerful sound and light rhyshm by using unique musical instrument that used drum can . We enjoyed
many dances today,too.
We had better play dance themselves more than looking for other
peaple playing dance.

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The 8th Nippon domannaka matsuri in Nagoya(festival)

The 8th Nippon domannaka matsuri in Nagoya is held today,
The main stadio in the center of Hisaya Oodouri park and 24 other places,
Date:from the previous night festival of today to 27th final contest night,200teams from the whole country (include forein country),
about 23,000 dancers is going to join to the festival.
They heat up summer in Nagoya hard,
This festival is very exciting for peaple.
They dance wildly and vigorously.
We can enjoy enough and feel bound excitment.
There will be over 2 million spectators this year.

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The team of my favorite baseball is Dragons.

I love Dragons ,because the team comes from my local,this year,team condition is very nice,We expect that Dragons team will win the pennant in Central league.The match is a hot contest every day,
Dragons puts pressured on recent match.What is the matter?I worry Dragons if I judge from the match about Swallows and Baystars,

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about traffic condition in my area

Traffic volume is lots. Many business trucks on weekday ,leisure car on week end run.Particularly a big city and the circumference and main line. I live in the suburbs in Nagoya.I always drive with many cars,It is unavoidable. The road is good as compare with other local conditions.The road has 2 or 3 lanes one side and center separation.
But traffic accident and jam often happens.
Gasoline recently is very expensive,I need 135 yen to buy one liter gasoline, I drive on national road ,23gousen,1gousen,Nagoyakanjyou,
other,Traffic signal in 23gousen is few, but traffic signal in Nagoyakanjyou and 1gousen is a lot.Other traffic facilities is Meitetsu private line and subway in Nagoya.We use them,It is very
convenient for us. We use Centrare(chubu kokusai kuukou)when we go to abroard,

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I watched igo tournament match by NHK TV.

I watched igo hayago tounament match by NHK channel 9 program.
Today's match is professional go Noriyoshi.Yamada to Chouu meijin.
Sponsor is NHK.Producer is Nihonkiin. Time is ten minutes, thought time is each 30 seconds ,ten times,about the result of the match, "Chouu meijin won " chuuoshikachi,congratulations! It was very interesting,Commentator is by two person, Mieko.Nakashima and Satoshi.Yuuki.A recorder (Yomiage and kiroku) is by Taeko.Makihata and Youkou.Takemia.This program is useful for us to improve igo power.This division is ability world.
The igo game is one of the hobby I love best.I feel young power in this division.Everybody,enjoy igo!

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Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing, This is a proverb,We can not believe even if I heard 100times,but I can believe if I saw one time,The travel to the abroard is good for me,We can see everything with my eyes that we want to see,Everyone should not say anything without seeing and experience.
The criticism speak as if he saw,by only knowledge from book,hearing and imagination,We can not believe it,I love scientist ,because scientist can prove by test or theory.We can believe as the evidence if it is the picture that photographer took about news, excepting the report which was invented .

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To concentrate in my mind is important for my sport ,art and learning. I cannot do my best without it,I believe firmly most peaple who get great probably should concentrate in his mind,They have a lot of times to do it in theier life. The time that was given to anyone is same during our life,but how to spend time may be different according to man.Because some peaple may have differant purpose to live ,some peaple may have differrant job to live,If we concentrate in my mind
,we can get rid of worldly thoughts ,and it is good for our health,

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The obon in my country,

I have gone to my country where I had grew up in my childfood.There has lived my father now, My father is 93 years old this year,I visited at the ancestor grave in the country with all of my family,My son has drived along high way load with us,My mother already had eternal sleep 15 years ago,but my father is fine even now, but he needs help(kaigo) for his life,The nature of my country is wonderful,I love the mount that green japanese cedar and green japanese cypress has grown up,and the clean river I had swimmed and had caught many ayus when I was boy,There have lived many classmates in child food,It is sorry some friends of my classmate had eternal sleep, Elementary school has already rebuilt,I visited at my head house ,the neighbour of my home with a box of cakes.The relation of my head house was glad at my visit.
The obon in my country was very happy for me and my father.

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