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海外のスピリチュアルコミュニティでしばらく暮らした後、帰国。50代でコネなしキャリアなしの職探しをする羽目になりました。その過程も学びの一つとして楽しもうと決めました。 living in the spiritual community, I came back to Japan and started job hunting without any significant career and connections at over 50's. That was a very tough journey but I wanted to enjoy the process. I am writing how to keep the motivation, how to be happy no matter what is going on in our life.


My journey to Scotland (13) The last sightseeing in Edinburgh

I awoke at my B&B of Edinburgh aware that I had to return to Japan the following day.

Leaving the B&B at 10 AM I went to the station and stored my luggage there so I could be free to do some sight-seeing.

Edinburgh was crowded with tourists.


Near the station there was a man who was wearing a kilt and playing a bagpipe.

That was a very familiar scene for me because I’d visited Edinburgh almost every month during a time when I was going to a Biodanza school there.

I loved Edinburgh.

It had been 4 years since I was last in Edinburgh but it didn’t feel like it.  

I walked to Edinburgh Castle but didn’t go in because, as I knew from a previous visit, the entrance fee was very expensive.


I tried to find my way to the old town of Edinburgh but got lost.

It didn’t matter because, on the way, I started getting hungry and I came across a nice restaurant.

It was really cool.


There was a dish called “Cullen Skink” on the menu. This is a traditional Scottish cream soup made using smoked haddock, potatoes and onions.

I had had it before and loved it. It was really delicious.

Wow, how nice to be able to eat it again!

I ordered the Cullen Skink with some bread as a light lunch.


The soup was exactly as I remembered it - delicious.

After finishing my lunch, I went to the old town and did some shopping.

I bought a scarf for my mother at a reasonable price and also a big bag with “I love Scotland” printed on it.



Being in Edinburgh reminded me of the old days when I went there on a monthly basis for the Biodanza school.

Although I had really wanted to continue with the Biodanza school I had had to give it up when my visa expired and I had to leave Scotland.

Because I loved Biodanza so much I had joined a Biodanza school in Tokyo one and half years later but I had had to give that up as well for financial reasons.

Leaving the Biodanza school had made me sad, but the wonderful friends and memories I had made there will stay with me forever. Nothing can take that away from me.

Eventually it was time for me to leave.

I said good bye to Edinburgh and left for Aberdeen.























My journey to Scotland (5) The gift


One morning, when I awoke, I saw that the whole sky was becoming pink.


I dressed myself and went outside with my camera to take pictures of the sky.

Because the sea beach I usually went to was too far away – 2 or 3 kilometres - I decided to go in the opposite direction to Findhorn Bay which is just across the road from the main entrance to the Findhorn Foundation.

Between the road and the bay there is a wet land.

I went there and saw its tremendous beauty.

It was stunning.



I couldn’t stop taking pictures.

Then a rainbow appeared to my right as I looked toward the Bay.

It was a very unusual rainbow being very thin.



I felt that I had been given a wonderful gift from Universe

As I watched I saw that the colours in the sky were changing with every moment.

I stayed there beside the Bay for more than 30 minutes watching until the colours stopped changing and the sky became its usual blue.

I said to myself, “Thank you God,”

















My Journey to Scotland (3) The list of what I want to do.


Before attending the workshop I had two free days which I spent doing the things I had wanted to do for a long time.

These might sound like tiny and even silly things to other people but they were very important to me.

-     Swimming in the sea.

-     Shopping in the pottery and Phoenix.

-     Walking to the beach.

-     Visiting the Boutique. (The “Boutique” is a place where people who live at Findhorn or are just visiting can leave clothes they no longer want so that other people can use them.)

-     Having lunch outside.

-     Having a coffee and cake at the Blue Angel café.

-     Doing nothing in a beautiful place.

Doing these things that I had wanted to do for a long time (4 years) was so much fun.

I found that I‘d been blaming myself for not being able to give myself these experiences.

Whenever I thought of my reality in Japan and how much I had missed the beauty of Findhorn it made me miserable.

In Japan I live in the middle of the city and it is not easy to connect with nature.

I couldn’t afford to go to Scotland. I couldn’t even afford to go anywhere beautiful in Japan.

And I had blamed myself for this again and again.

This blaming of myself for not fulfilling my dream had made me more and more miserable and increased my anger and frustration.

But now that I had manifested my journey to Scotland it was no longer a dream.

I could swim in the sea and I could walk in the garden.

I did all that I wanted to do in the Park.

I can’t explain how satisfied I was. It made me incredibly happy.


I really loved the tiny things.

I took one small book with me and enjoyed reading it very much.

You may say that I could do that in Japan too. Yes. But reading it at Findhorn was different.

I was on holiday and I had no pressure. There was nothing that I had to do.

I lived in a beautiful bungalow and when I went out, I could walk to the beach and see the beautiful sky and the sea.

I felt completely relaxed.

And I began feeling that something cold in my heart was starting to melt.

A deep change had started.
































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