I'm back in Japan now after my journey to Scotland
in July.  


This was my second journey to Scotland since 2011,

and it was very different from the previous one.


Before going, I asked God to give me a calm, relaxing, and comfortable trip.

t turned out that God had very different ideas

because I had lots of troubles, challenges, and unexpected happenings.  


It was more of a survival journey,

though another word for it an adventure and,

as you know,
adventures aren’t always "comfortable" 


Sometimes, adventures are very uncomfortable, even scary,

but there are also
unexpected meetings with the new and beautiful 


The adventure part of my journey began when I arrived at Aberdeen airport

and found that my suitcase was missing.  


Although this wasnt the first time this had happened to me

I was
still shocked but I tried to manage to stay calm. 


I stayed one night at the hotel in Aberdeen without my suitcase.  


The following day I was supposed to go to Forres to book into my next hotel

but, since the check in time wasn’t until 4PM,

I decided to go to a place
very close to Aberdeen called Stonehaven

here is an ancient, ruined castle called Dunnottar Castle

which I’d been to about ten years before and thought it would be good to visit again. 


So I took the train to Stonehaven, 

when I arrived there was no taxi at the station

I started walking and found a taxi when I arrived in the town center. 


The taxi driver was very nice and friendly

and because there was no bus connection to get back to the station

I asked him to come back to the castle after 2 hours. 


Dunnottar Castle is very famous and often appears on the calendars of Scotland.  







The Castle
is in an amazing landscape on a cliff on the edge of the sea

and I thoroughly enjoyed visiting it again.


While I was waiting for the taxi,

I bought a hamb
urger and when we arrived back at the railway station,

the taxi driver discounted the price

because (he said) "You have been so nice


I had just enjoyed talking with him.

But I was glad to hear it.