I took a  train to go to Forres. 

It didn't go well as I expected. 

There was an update with trains so we had to  get off the train

and change to the bus at some point. 

So the train trip took a longer time than I thought. 

 When I arrived at the station, I found there was no taxi.

I decided to walk to my hotel as I had walked this way many times.

But it was'nt easy because I was very tired.

Luckly, someone from Cluny found me walking and gave me a lift to the hotel.  

So, finally I managed to get to the hotel. 

The hotel was very close to Cluny Hill, where the workshop was to be held.

As I had arrived there very late, it was soon time for dinner.




The meal was great but I felt it was a little too much. 

After having dinner, I went to bed.

But I couldn't sleep. I felt very uncomfortable in my stomach.

It was getting worse and worse. 

At midnight, I rushed into the bathroom.

I had diarrhea and I vomited.

It happened again and again all night.

Next morning, I was very sick and I couldn't eat anythig. 

(Although I was very looking forward to eating Scottish Breakfast at this hotel! )

I had some fruit and yoghurt at breakfast then I vomited it after 20 minutes.

Anyway, I checked out the hotel and had to go to the workshop place.

Checking  in Cluny HIll for the workshop, I went to my room to get some rest.

I was not feeling well at all.

I decided to skip the first session of the workshop as I felt almost dead.

I vomitted on the carpet of the room. 

My roommate was asked to move to another room.

That made me very miserable. 

I had come here all the way from Japan to join the workshop

and as well as not being able to join the first session

I had lost my roommate!

On top of all this, my suitcase hadn't arrived yet.