Poverty of young women

News of the shock news close-up . 1.14 million yen annual income is 1 /3 of the adult female . I'm positioned as poverty in the country less than 1.14 million yen . I more than 1.1 million people overall . People able to work teens - 20's 503 million people . There are only 48% Persons with regular work . Single mother of 20 -somethings poverty is 80% . Working all day , it is not only earn 130,000 yen while Kakemochi the work of two . You have the news on Today's Close-up of NHK , but are you taking a subscription fee of NHK TV from such people it can not be convinced NHK. Do you can live in the minimum wage ? Minimum wage of good in this . Divorce rate for men in the minimum wage has increased . After all, dont cultivate even married . So divorce .

I have provided dorm s sex shop , a day-care center . I did not think such a place may exist . ¥ 300,000 working in sex shop . Do not be kicked such work in the sex shop without a place to go to the other . Was also filed public assistance but not get to apply for . Japan anxiety honest . Or cut off how from the home of poverty . I go up in terms of education . And housing . Meal .
NHK is telling such stories , but first from the people , to collect a subscription fee of NHK It 's a funny story . I think after , staff of NHK, prefectural government officials as well , and I do collect the data itself by working for three years to 685 yen per hour do you can live in the minimum wage really .

Audience rating of this program does not increase Nantes Ariyoshi seminar 2 hour special , special like & Q bought trial , Nep League SP, mystery " hidden investigation " When you come out Monday to program on a different channel . It can be seen that the viewing rate is not increased in children . Of people out looking at the Nep League currently . Storm , V6, SMAP, AKB48, If you do not use the news to Momokuro close-up at least
You do not see this important news . What you 're doing to such a thing is amazing important . To be no put of this force , the poor
It will mon like to say that color in the poor much . It is a bad theme and there is no audience rating in red and white waves. NHK 's really stupid mon . Issue the performance fee is for just from from now , better content did this one more time is good .
Rather than go out eating and drinking purchase of NHK staff , cabaret club , jewelry , fitness club , beauty treatment , overseas travel , golf , the cost of brand-name products purchased , should I turn the money to the desired idle is still good .

Yes I think in terms of one meal actually . I look into food . Food that is thrown away to be eaten yet , "food loss" so-called is up to 5 million tons to 8 million t per year in Japan . In terms of per capita Japanese this, you will be have abandoned about 1-2 pieces of rice balls every day . McDonald's of Ishinomaki ion before the store closes , French fries , hamburgers , chicken briskly had been abandoned without mercy . Soft serve ice cream had been abandoned in I~keta Yoshihisa Mizuan of tea in a similar case . It had been abandoned for canned juice drink is likely still has expired in the vending machine . You should be provided to the poor such a food . Even diet outdated , are a lot of people in need . I think there are also opinions that human problems that appear in health says are , but when compared to that you starve to death , it is possible to distribute meals to the poor is important . Do not abandon young people are responsible for the future . Do not be ripped off to the poor . Diet is not able to intake , there is no fun to live first . If there is a concern that made ​​say it is not self-supporting , abdominal pain , food poisoning , should I make a meal of law for the poor . No, should make urgently . The poor is seen the right to get a meal which remained no longer sell in the restaurant . However , Even if some problems come out in terms of health , it should be decided by the law firm is not involved . I think I think various opposed to come out , but that there is no hand that this is only possible . You spend money on food consumption tax is to go up a waste .

The important meal .