March 06, 2009

Breakfast Diary ( 1 )


 March 4, This morning breakfast is fried egg and
green vegitable salad , and riceball of Natto(soy beans).


tomato, green asparagus,and Japanise radish ,
sugar snap peas.






Natto riceball
 On the riceball,topping by natto and  slice onion,
and negi(green onions ).
 Natto is Japanises traditinal soybean food.
It's very healthy and delicious,but have distinctive smell ,
and have unique feeling sticky and stringy .
 I love natto,but natto like  is  uncommon.

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March 04, 2009

Angel Egg Doughnut

 March 2,  I went to Kounan Hospital.

I went to the piriodecal medical check,for the breast cancer .
I had a surgery for breast cancer four years ago.
This time , I took two way pictures by mammography.


is the process of using low-dose
amplitude-X-rays (usually around 0.7 mSv)
to examine the human

In this examination , I put my breast between the two plate .
Then, my breast became very very flat.
OH! flat flat my breast !  Ouch!
Was the child of one's patience............(T_T)
After that ,I had blood test,had an examination of my docdor.


On the way home, I bought some doughnuts
 for my family.
A long time Mr.Doughnut!
New puroducts continue to appear!
None so delicious!
But I ate only one for diet.
That only one is [Angel Egg: strawberry flavor ]

What a delicious ♪ ~ ♪ Wow, what a delicious things


Good match was the strawberry and cream !
And very pretty !cute egg shape!
I was able to eat an delicious doughnut.
I was very happy as could (laughs).

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March 02, 2009

March has come.

 I started writing this blog in English from today.
Why I started writing this blog?
Opportunity is  this book.







This book is introduction to writing blog in English.
It's very interesting! 
That is reason to begin to write this blog.


 Today is Sunday and sunny day.
The Doll Festival is coming up soon.
March 3rd is Doll Festival.
It is Japanes traditional girl's festival.
In families with doughters,they display
a set of dolls dressed in traditional court
cosutumes and wish for good health and
happiness of young girls.

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