Naturist Nudist Network Japan 【English version】

This blog is open for foreign naturist & nudist living in japan. Let's enjoy recreation with us.

The content of the English version blog is mainly event information.
Please note that it is different from the Japanese version.

I am Japanese.
I am not good at English mails and conversation. Please understand.
However, I think that there are no borders on Naturist.

There are a few naturist in Japan.
We enjoyed naturism in foreign countries.
But there are places in Japan where we can enjoy naturism.
It is only secret beach and mixed bathing that we can be naked.

In the summer the event is held on the beach. (June - September)
In the winter the event is held in mixed bathing. (October - May)

If you enjoy naturism in Japan, you can participate in the event.
But the event has participation conditions. Thank you.

There is no official nudist facility in Japan.
Our event is being held within Japanese law.
We have rules.
Participants need to observe the rules.

Japanese version

We planned a 2021 year-end party and 2022 New Year's party.
Please see the linked HP (Japanese) for details.

After the beach event, we rented a villa with a hot spring and held an indoor nudist event.
We enjoyed the open-air bath, BBQ and shabu-shabu dinner, billiards, table tennis, and drinking party naked.

● Mixed bathing open-air bath (a moment of bliss while watching the starry sky at night and the sunrise in the morning)

● Naked billiards & naked table tennis (I was so excited that I forgot to be naked)

● Body paint competition (30 minutes of time, men gave art to women and women gave art to men)

Sometimes it is necessary to play with all one's might instead of childhood (innocence).

nudist villa

The last beach event of this summer, 21 people participated and enjoyed the passing summer.
The typhoon passed off the coast of Kanto the night before, and strong winds and high waves remained, so the event itself was in jeopardy, so the beach BBQ was canceled and announced in advance.

However, the blue sky is calm in the morning.
The high waves remained, no wind.
The temperature was 30 degrees Celsius, which was the best condition for spending time on the beach.

In the midst of the corona wreck, I was able to meet many of  first-time participants unexpectedly this summer.
See you next season. (Please come to the winter onsen event)

The beach event is scheduled to start in March next season.
We are also planning an overseas expedition.
Please look forward to it.