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One-line commentary英文)・・・(Iwasaki suspect of Saitama case seems to have lived a life that does not face the family.)
1 名前:名無しさん@涙目です。(空) [US]:2019/05/29(水) 21:29:20.21 ID:FZnpZBw+0 川崎市によると、岩崎容疑者は一軒家で、80代の伯父、叔母と同居。
口をきくこともほとんどない“絶縁”生活を続けていたという。 伯父らから市に相談があったのは平成29年11月。
訪問看護で他人を自宅に入れても大丈夫だろうか」との内容だった。 市はその後、31年1月までの間に計15回にわたり、電話や面談での相談を受けてきたが、
30年6月ごろからは実際に訪問看護も始まったが、目立ったトラブルもなかった。 一方、市が伯父らから聞き取った内容によると、
食事や小遣いを渡す時も対面していなかった。 高齢になった伯父らから「将来どうするつもりなのか聞きたい」と相談を受けた市の担当者は
「手紙を書いてみては」とすすめ、伯父らは31年1月に岩崎容疑者に手紙を渡した。 すると、岩崎容疑者からは「自分は洗濯もするし、食事も作れるから閉じこもっているわけではなく、ちゃんと生活している」という趣旨の返答があったという。
相談は来なくなったという。 市関係者は「相談がなくなって以降、何があったのかは分からないが、

According to Kawasaki-shi, suspect Iwasaki lives together with an uncle in his 80s, an aunt in a single house.
It prevents making a rule and from meeting each other really while receiving a meal and financial help, and it is said that "the insulation" that it is rare that I speak continued living a life.

It is November, 2017 that consultation fitted the city from uncles.
It was contents whether "was good even if there was not contact at all and sent another person to the home by temporary nursing at home with the nephew who lived together".

The city passes to 15 times in total afterwards to January, 31; in a telephone and the interview was consulted, but it is said that there was not the consultation such as the violence of suspect Iwasaki or a coercive action on this occasion.
The temporary nursing at home really began in about June, 30, too, but there was not the conspicuous trouble, too.

On the other hand, uncles do not meet suspect Iwasaki for a long term, and, according to the contents which a city heard from uncles, it is said that it was in condition not to talk.
When I handed a meal and the pocket money which should have been in condition to make a rule, and not to meet each other, a bath or the restroom did not meet it either.

When "they wrote a letter ," as for the person in charge of the city which was consulted when "I wanted to hear what you intended to do in the future" from the uncles who became old, とすすめ, the uncle and others handed a letter to Iwasaki suspect in January, 31.

Then it is said that there was the answer of the purpose that "oneself washes it and does not shut itself up because I can make the meal, and to live a life properly" from suspect Iwasaki.
Uncles convey intention, "I look at the state for a city because the person has a plan" in the same month, and it is said that the consultation did not come.

When "I did not know it since consultation disappeared what there was, but the person concerned with city might have noticed reality that "this life had a long it and did not continue" because the uncle and others who fed oneself had begun to receive temporary nursing at home ," I supposed it.

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