Hi, 松岡みーです。How are you?

DSCF0004 我が家のマンションのさくらもほぼ満開といったところ。明日、花見を予定しているので、昨日と今日の風にこころが穏やかではありません。
The cherry trees around my condominium in Saitama are almost in full bloom. I was uneasy with the windy weather yesterday and today. We are having hanami, a cherry blossom viewing party, tomorrow.

世の中に たえてさくらのなかりせば
春のこころは のどけからまし
If there were no cherry blossoms in this world,
my heart in spring should be calmer.  

I totally relate to Ariwara-no Narihira, who wrote this poem. Don't you think people in those days (1,200 years ago) were really cool? Another man wrote the following poem in response to this one of Narihira's.

散ればこそ いとどさくらはめでたけれ
うき世になにか 久しかるべき
Cherry blossoms are all the more beautiful
because they fall.
Nothing is eternal in the world we live in.

Unfortunately, nobody knows who wrote it. It's not recorded.

それじゃあ、Have a great weekend.