Retirement speeches are an important part of honoring someone who is leaving the team. These speeches can be given at a retirement party, at a roast, or even given at an impromptu gathering in the office. Wherever it is, you need to know how to make the most of your speech.

Using quotes can give you a head start on your speech. If used well, they add impact and engage the audience. They can also inspire your own writing, get you started and act as a foundation upon which to build your speech.

A quote can give you an idea for a theme for your retirement speech. For example you could start with the quote “Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.” by Booker T. Washington. and then use that as a theme and describe times that the retiree achieved excellence in “uncommon ways” during his or her career.

Quotes are a great speechwriting tool, but there are a number of mistakes and faux pas that speechwriters can fall victim to. What are these and how do you avoid them in your speech?

1. Too Many Quotes Adding quotes from famous, well-known sources is a great way to add substance, meaning and emotion to your speech. However, it can be easy to overdo it with quotes. Keep the number of quotes in your retirement speech to just one or two at most. It’s your speech and more than two quotes can have an effect on how your speech is received by your listeners.

2. Not Attributing Quotes While adding quotes is important, it is equally important that you correctly attribute the quote to the original speaker. Never assume that those listening to your retirement speech know who said the quote initially. Always make sure you give credit where credit is due.

3. Forcing Retirement Quotes Where They Don’t Fit Another common issue with speechwriters is that they sometimes try to force retirement quotes into their speech simply because they like the quote, even if it has no bearing on the rest of the speech or on the retiree. Make sure that any quotes you use in your speech are relevant. Use quotes that support your speech – never tailor a speech to match a quote.

4. Generic Quotes Writing retirement speeches is not a simple thing in many instances. To help speed the process along, many writers turn to the Internet in search of "retirement quotes". While this will get you quotes about retirement, that's not really what you want. Your speech is about the retiree and the company, not about retirement in general. If the retiree did excellent work, search for "excellence quotes", if he or she was loyal, search for quotes on loyalty.

5. Impersonal or Irrelevant Quotes As mentioned, it’s important that you avoid generic quotes about retirement. Instead, use quotes that help you add a personal, relevant touch to the speech. For example, you might find retirement quotes about diligence, hard work, work ethics, or quality to honor a retiree who exemplified these ideals.

Using retirement quotes can bring humor, a personal touch and greater meaning to your speeches. However, make sure that you use them correctly.

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