As the crowded christmas fixture list starts to begin in earnest, the skies about Liverpool will be filling with hundreds of eager fans. The merseyside club have a fanatical following abroad as well as at home, and for many christmas brings with it the once a year chance to go see their team play at home. It's why this time of year is so po[censored] r with escorts near Liverpool airport: many gentlemen are looking for a way to kill some time before the game and no one knows the area like a local girl. They come from all over the world to see the iconic Anfield, for a chance to sit in the Kop and watch the players walk out under that fateful arch.

Looking back it's not hard to see why the club is particularly po[censored] r over in Ireland. The city was a major port that acted as the primary route between England and the emerald isle. When sailors were off duty, they could find refuge in the terraces of the local football club and in time the relationship became stronger. It became more than just a way to spend time, they became as invested in the club's fortunes as the local people themselves were, bringing back scarfs and badges to their families at home and creating an Irish fanbase for the club that's unrivalled by any other.

As part of global expansion in Asia in the 70's and 80's, Liverpool brought their brand to the Far East. Few could expect it to have turned out the way it did: the reds are an absolute sensation there. Almost everyone in Asia supports Manchester United or Liverpool and every year thousands of replica shirts are sold and many fans make their sacred pilgrimage to Anfield, to see the Bootroom and to experience all the wonders of the city. Whilst Liverpool airport escorts may keep them busy during the times between flights, it's the sheer history of the club that really takes their breath away. The names Shankley, Paisley, Dalglish all ring through the halls, in the free, flowing football that current manager Rogers is encouraging. The appeal of the club goes far beyond a single manager though, it's a spirit of tradition and heritage, of family. No matter where a man is from, he is welcome here if he wears the red liver-bird on his chest.

There's a reason why so many people come to the city at christmas, one that goes beyond the mere fact that plane tickets are expensive. When one thinks of that wonderful club, a song rises up, from a whisper steadily building and building into a mournful, triumphant roar. You'll never walk alone comes down the terraces every match day and every fan in the stands knows that no matter what may be going on in his life, no matter what else may happen, he will always have a brother and a sister here.

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