The following questions are the most frequently asked ones regarding about audio books.

Most of my pals, family members and colleagues at work refer to me as an "expert" about audiobooks. They often tell their friends that they know of a certain someone who knows tons about the ins & outs about audio books and the end result is that I kept getting loads of messages about audiobook questions on a day to day basis. Thus, I have deicided to make an article about it along with the answers of course for each and everyone of you.

So, here are the most common inquiries regarding audio books:

Is there such a thing as a free audio book? If so, how & where would I get hold of them?

My answer in one word: NO. In two words: Not really. Well, it actually depends on what type of audio book that you are seeking for (downloadable forms are a bit cheaper compared to the other forms).

However, you could definitely find free audio books by signing up for their free trials on the audio book site online.

Which is better: renting audio books or buying?

Personally, I go for the rental one. And it is due to the price - I am a bookworm thus it would be so costly for me if I buy all the books that I have read. Yet, I do buy the pieces that are my favorites and I keep them on my library.

Bottom line is, it is up to you really. Just do what suits you fine.

What do you recommend - downloadable forms, tape or CDs kind of audio books?

Now, that is one tough question there. Well, I am aware that due to technolgy today, the most acceptable format would be the downloadable one. One must own a MP3 player in order to access it. It costs cheaper compared to its other counterparts and the sound quality is superb.

Nonetheless, the widest archive of audio books is in CD form. If you are the classics type then chances are you could find your choices in CD form only. I definitely won't advice you to get the cassette forms. They are unfriendly, low quality and not to mention expensive.

When can I get to listen to my audio books?

My direct answer: It is up to you. You can listen to it anytime and anywhere. Whether you are cooking, commuting, driving, traveling, exercising, doing house hold chores, etc...

Are they costly?

No, they're not. As a matter of fact, audio books in downloadable forms are so economical - much cheaper compared to the physical book itself and having to rent them is so worth it. The audio books on CD forms costs about the same as the real book while the ones in cassette form is the most pricey one.

What types should I listen to?

Well, listen to the ones that is of your interest. If you fancy fictional tales then go listen to it. If you want to find something for your kids, then go search for children books, so on and so forth.

Are all books available in audio book form?

Unfortunately not. However, most books especially the latest bestsellers are being published on this form.

How can I listen to my audio books?

Your donwloadable forms will play if you only have a MP3 player with you. You can make use of your PC or notebook but nowadays, people tend to use there iPod for this one.

Where should I go to get a copy of audio books?

The best place for you to get them would be online.

Know more on how to download audio books free and you might even get hold of a free audio book.

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